Once, Twice, Three times Crazy /\ or /\ Strawberry(Cheesecake) Fields for (N)ever

Welcome to my carnival of crazy.
3 seedsm@n StrawberryCheesecake autos germinating.
I have settled on a “soil combo” trio to try these 3 ladies in.
Here is what I did…all measurements are subjective.

3gal Fabric pots

2 parts Sta Green potting mix 0.10-0.08-0.06

1 part peat moss

.25ish part perlite

1 part soil*

trace bone meal mainly in mid to lower level in the pot.

*lime added to the swamp mix

  • soil…#1 is sandy reddish clay base from under my perinneal bushes.
    #2 is blackish sandy clay layer found just below the red, same hole.
    #3 is a stinking gooey mess from a nearby swamp and some sandy soil from near the edge.

These still need perlite*
#1 :arrow_down:

#2 :arrow_down:

No pics for #3 (already bagged up and leaching them)

Here is their future home 32x32x63

These are the lights

Mars Hydro T-1000 adjustable, claims 150watts on the tag and some unknown UFO that came with the tent. I estimate 100 true watts (no info on tag) but really bright white. So around 200watts combined. Plan is to run one for veg and both for flower.

I am going to use LST on all 3 (if they survive that long) topping only if necessary and supercropping if in a pinch later on.
I have about 38-40" level of dirt to surface of lights
Gonna try minimal amendments as they show deficiencies…sort of slipshod organic.


Your node spacing should be tight , unless you get one of them shoot for the stars satuvas like blueberry , man them strains won’t stop stretching in flower , they stretch the whole time in bloom not just 2 weeks , each week a blueberry sativa will stretch at least inch and half a week for 10 weeks , so just in case , you been warned my friend , Amnesia Haze is another one and silver Haze can do it too , but other than that , that marshydro should keep your bode spacing pretty tight and compact but you have to consider you pot height, so a 5 gallon is almost 25 inches lost just the bucket so if you fill up only half way with dirt , do able but 3 gallons you should do awesome weight without losing vertical space for the plant to grow . I just got an Ephinany as I was writing this on an design idea for a multiple pot size to grow 6 plants in one box with a reservoir that would hold enough water or nutrients to feed each plant 🪴 section the right amount of water for its growth life . It would be like a speaker box for woofers and a holding tank for water and nutrients to a gallon size that you can either grow un dirt or Hydro , hmmm time to get to sketching a design option? But the box would sit inside the tent , whole six plants 12 inches tall , 32 inches long , divided for 6 plants 🪴 in they own Lil grow square or circle :large_blue_circle:, flex seal a compartment for the reservoir to hold 3 gallons of liquid that can be ebbflowed with a pump to each pot square and each plant section I’ll be pitched to drain excess so the grower can just vacuum the excess out . But a simple design of a grow box that will hold 3 gallons of water and 6 plant sections separated for a root ball to develop to grow six plants at one time would be golden for the average grower that produce they own medicine . Hmmmmm!

Im here lurking in the background with :popcorn: and a blunt. Let the show commence lol


Been happy with the 2 lights in flower so far. Last 2 plants were much improved density over the original UFO on it’s own.

Measurements of available space is considering the 3 gal pot. Should be just enough if they don’t surprise me and go much over 2 ft. :astonished:

Will be a slow start with not much to see for the first few weeks, might need another blunt. I just hope my stash lasts until harvest time. Hate to go back to straight “mid”.
Edit: Props to my local connection. His “mid” is borderline “loud”.

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@HMGRWN I’m a rookie as well , but I had my indifference in a 2x2x5 in my early days learning . But that’s Marshydro light is not a bad light , I’ve seen a few guys running those UFO styles a few years ago and not to shabby . But I was only pointing out a few things that goes miscalculated and becomes a headache layer on in flower , but I’m only giving suggestions , I cannot teach anyone , I only share what I’ve done or know what works ?

This applies to all who are kind enough to stop by. I welcome ALL comments and suggestions. Speak freely but play nice with each other LOL. I have definitely overlooked the simplest things once or a hundred times so please call me out on occasion. I will do stupid stuff on purpose but call me out anyways. I will do or not do as my twisted mind wanders.
Oh, and if I come across as sarcastic sometimes, well, you know…sorry. :roll_eyes: in advance.


I’ll tag along…you had me at strawberry cheesecake.


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Just took a peek at my wet paper towel and see 3 cracked seeds!
Floated them in plain water til they sank (less than 24 hrs), put them on p-towel in a ziplok less than 18 hrs ago! They seem eager. :strawberry: :dancer:t2: :princess:t2:
Planters are filled and pre-soaked. The ones with red and black dirt added smell AMAZING when wet! :earth_americas:
The swampy one…well it smells… :woozy_face: :nauseated_face: (Jk it is dank tho)
Another day and they should have tails enough to plant. Going directly into “forever” home.
When they sprout and shed their helmets, I will cover them with a dome.


@Nicholas1 @LongtimeListener_FirsttimeCaller @TheVirginian @Dee23 y’all wanna watch?

Thanks for the tag, i will defo follow this grow!

Best of luck! :slight_smile:

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@PurpNGold74 , saw you earlier in another topic concerning an “overgrown” tent shall we say. I do not mean to speak out of place but that is like :speaking_head: :microbe:. I have tried also and get the same reaction from unspoken poster. (hoping they overlook :arrow_down:) It is fun to try and decipher the ranting sometimes though. :thinking:
(here I am breaking my own rule about playing nice.) :roll_eyes:

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@Bobbydigital I know all this may make you want to cringe but I would love to hear your comments during this grow.
Maybe wrap your head with duct tape to keep it from exploding?

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These are the type of grows I like. Doing things the way you want to do them is the way to go. Best way to learn what works and doesn’t work for you.

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Hahaha. It was tough retyping my words. I know I can come off a bit rough at times and when my ptience goes… its normally a :poop: storm. Diffused nicely that time tho.

Normally i just jump past posts like that. Sure of themselves yet asking questions. Jumbles of rants m etc

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@bobbydigital , I’m not sure if we met , but I say it all to much , it is your plant so learn as much by doing as much as the plant will allow and if it’s done right and calculated , ice reap some great yields by breaking and twisting the cardinal rules a bit but most worked and sone didn’t, but I know what those are now to make my experiences ah Lil better .


Yeah man, the fundamentals will remain constant but there’s so much more to the grow that can be tweaked to your style. But you have to figure out your style first.


Exactly right. I learned much by f’ing up my first 2 plants, applied that and what I picked up here to my next 3 which were better.
I was fortunate to have been gifted my first seeds so was comfortable being more liberal with my experiments. Now that I shelled out real $$ for seeds I will be a little more cautious but I have a better idea of how to get desired results.

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@HMGRWN if you write your grow down in notes, are I like to used a big square year calendar :date: that I can jot down a few notes on nutrients and and other things I do , just so I can always go back to the beginning and read all what was done . You would think after the years I’ve been invested , Nope 🙅🏻 , I still take notes on each grow . Now I don’t write as much detail like before , but it’s notes on each plants , they have birth certificates some where with they Info.
But my strategy now is to touch my plants as less as possible through the entire grow . I’ve narrowed it down to about 3-4 times total as far as trimming , topping, super cropping , L.S.T but now most of my techniques is calculated to the plants growing time . If you used a more calculated method , your plants won’t stress as much and will grow more vigorously I believe , but this is just my own opinion from my own experiences. Any plant you let grow on its own will always out stretch a trained plant in bloom , that main cola is super charged in flower if you never top your plant. Now training has its benefits , very very good ones , but I don’t think you and 5 other people can top all the plants we grow just in one grow room alone at the small farm . But in small indoors , it’s a desired method .
In vegging I’ll top my seedlings twice and I’ll let them grow out for about 4-6 weeks after that or depending on the plants growth . That’s the first touch ?
My next touch that will stress or interfere with the grow time is super cropping 2 weeks before I flip into flower , and after I super crop I put the screen on them right, that’s twice right , and I start tucking them as they grow out right for the first 5 weeks in bloom , week 6 I remove as many fans leaves :leaves: as needed to allow more light on the canopy if any is blocking air or light and this has been the best results for me as a grower , & the good thing is you only stunt them either once or twice the entire grow if it’s done in a calculated way according to how your plant is growing . My busiest time in the tent is always early veg cause it’s so much that has to be adjusted , now once the first screen goes in , I really don’t have to much to do cause when they go in flower , I try not to go in the tent much cause of the gas mainly , but they seem to like to grow more when you don’t peak at them so much , like Lil chilliden, you know when you not looking , they get into everything , same with plants , it’s like the less you watch them , the more they seem to grow to say I’m shy but it you don’t look , I stretch to the sky or it’s just me being high lol , Welp; that’s very common lmao , I’m high now watching skin walker ranch @Calizona show !


All 3 got nice little tails and were placed in moist soil this AM with just a little rooting powder in the hole.
Got the UFO dropped down and on continuously. Placed each seed slightly off center in the pots so as to have a starting point to train from. Not on the edge, just off center a bit.
They are on their own with nothing to do now but wait and watch for healthy seedlings to break the surface. :eyes: :pray:t2: :man_farmer:t2:


Wanna play "where’s Waldo?

Swamp dirt :arrow_up:

Brown dirt :arrow_up:

Red dirt :arrow_up:
Pics of brown are pretty blurry. Sorry :roll_eyes:

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