Once the females have been pollinated

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I have a question that I haven’t seen any information about anywhere. I’m getting ready to grow autoflowers outdoors, but I plan on planting regular seeds so I can get males & females and produce my own seeds. My question is, once the females have been pollinated, when is the best time to harvest so as to ensure mature seeds?
I appreciate your advice!

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ILGM only sells fem. autos, so no males. Using a male from a photo sensitive plant will not make stable autoflower seeds. The best way to make auto flower seeds is by using a spray to make fem. autoflower pollin and then use it to pollinate another autoflower. Google C.silver spray or Terrismist(not sure spelling) this will make fem. Seeds. The other option would be find a seed bank who sells reg. Auto seeds and grow out a male from an auto, but that adds new gentics to the mix and by doing so u loose the little stability autos already have. Hope this helps. Let me tag some pros and see what they think, im fairly nee to breeding autos, something im just getting into.
@Usmcjojo @BIGE @Countryboyjvd1971 @Ragnar. Can any one else give some insite?


not my bag, but you gave out some reasonable advise @Familyman420

Youd still harvest when plants are done like any grow to ensure mature seeds
Happy growing and best wishes on the breading


Thanks all. I am going to get reg auto seeds from a grower who has very successfully continued good genetics.