Once it gets older ( it’s growing now is a starter pot) can I dig a hole in the soil

A customer has a question and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

A quick question. I am germinating an amnesia haze seed and it’s just up. My question is this. Once it gets older ( it’s growing now is a starter pot) can I dig a hole in the soil, fill the hole with potting soil and plant my girl right in the ground outside instead of a 5 gal bucket?

Yes that sounds nice. Is your soil good quality? And how long are ur seasons?

Suggest NOT using the potting soils at garden centers. The grow store will have growing media loaded with good microbes that boost growing.

***if you are north of the mid-line of the USA, your growing time is getting very short.
If south…still have 3 months maybe a little more. Plants can be left till light frosts come down. I would harvest before any temp below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you have an Auto…it would be a quicker grow / harvest. Good luck :vulcan_salute::v:

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Hi! My soil is on the sandy side. A woodland area, but near the coast of South Carolina. I was going To mix up some super soil and dig my hole about 2 foot deep and put plastic at the bottom of my hole to restrict the water draining off right away because of the sand. Fill with soil and go from there. Our frost usually does not hit until November. I should 70 days of growing


I see a lot of people using buckets and pots, but very very few planting directly into the ground

Directly into the ground works. Your idea of digging the extra way then bagging sounds just fine. Let me tag a few outdoorsy types @Countryboyjvd1971 @Big123 @monsterblackbass to confirm or deny that thought.

And many plant into pots for movability. When the rains get bad and your babies have 10 inches in 2 hours falling pots save the day. But you can grow TREES by planting in ground. Hope you have privacy.

Last thing. Autos are probably the best way to go. Or fast flowering photo’s

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Most are indoor growers. More control and dun have to wurry bout the neighbors calling The Man.
Big problem in the Not Yet Legal Free States…IE: Texas…sigh.
The outdoor growers are usually experienced enough and have little need to post pics and ask questions.
70 growing days with good sized plants should get you a good harvest. You might consider chicken wire to keep deer and raccoons from enjoying your Ladies before you do?

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Thanks for all your help and support. Obviously I am new at this. My first plant. So tired of buying on the street!!

Sorry, i got tagged but im a indoor grower. I dont see any issues with the hole idea just put the bag deep enough so it doesn’t interfere with the tap root. Good luck OnE LoVe

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My bad man. Thiugn i saw you growing outside once. Again my bad

@Cougar. …take heart. WE were all new growers at first.
And, like you, I got tired of dealing with inconsistent supply and quality…AND… the scruffy people who almost never understood that having quality and selling the agreed weight were the “Right Thing to Do”.

I would advise against lining your hole with plastic, even if it has holes. You will prolly rot yer roots that way. Adding the super soil to the hole will slow down the water enough for the plants to get a drink. If you are really worried about it, use some hay or straw at the bottom to act as a sponge and a slowing agent.

Sandy soil is a great spot to be for any plant. I live in the high desert and farm the sand.

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Great resource here:

Growing straight in the ground will leave you vulnerable to gophers and other root eating varments, may be a non issue. I would advise against plastic bag idea.

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Thanks!! You expressed my feelings exactly!

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Thanks! I was just going to put the plastic at the very bottom of my whole, but I really love that you like sandy soil! I thought it was a negative, but I do get a lot of other plants growing around the house. Thanks for the advice. I will forget the plastic.