Once again fast delivery

Ordered my latest seeds on Dec. 1 and lo and behold they came in the mail today dec.19 With all the holiday shipping and the pandemic I would say very good job.


I have to second buckeydave in fast service, ordered Nov 30, received Dec 18. Very happy with the service that ILGM gives. The forum is very nice along with the support given by ILGM. :bat: :crazy_face:

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i got my seeds faster this time than ever before

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Ordered mine Dec 18th and received on the 23rd. I started 4, and all germinated in less than 24hrs.

So just another note on the outstanding customer support here at ILGM. My last order of seeds was a bust. 5 Banana kush and 5 Grand daddy purple.Germination was 2 out of the 10. Sent pictures of what I was dealing with. Less than 24 hours later I recieve an e-mail that all seeds will be replaced and are being shipped. Needless to say I am EXTREMELY satisfied with the service I have recieved in the year I have been using this company. I have and will continue to send all my bud pals to this site!!! THANK YOU ILGM.