On to the second grow....WWA + Blue Dream Auto

Ok so after a few lessons learned from the first grow and some decent bud to boot, im ready to re-run:
Viparspectra 2x4x5 tent
4” inline exhaust setup
8”+ 6” fans for ventilation
Sonofarm pro series 2000 grow light( i know they are a new company but come on guys and gals…check em out…ive had a great experience with them…meanwell drivers, samsung LM301B diodes, dimmable,ect…)
FF HF soil/ vermiculite 20%
3 gal smart pots
GH Flora series nutes/calmag+/ph adjusted of course

What do yas think? Have i missed anything?

What did you end up with in dry weight? Just curious. Oh and were your previous plants in 5 gallon or 3 gallon fabric?

I like the fact you have the stakes in the dirt now. Less chance of causing damage later. Nice work bud!

Previous grow yielded 10.7 ozs…they were same deal 3 gal pots

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How tall did your Blue Dream Autos get?

Tallest they get on me usually 3 ft

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Did make sum more upgrades:
Added viparspectra 3x3x6 tent
Sum more sonofarm pro series 2000 grow lights, fans, ect.
Got a nice stock of ILGM seeds in variety after a few more orders lol

Veg in 2x4(houses 1 light)
Flower in 3x3(houses 2 lights)
Running GH series nutes(not too fond of them thus far)
FF HF and Strawberry fields + calmag+(If needed)

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I’m still working on my first plant, but I’m a big fan of the white widow strain. She seems really stout and can take lots of abuse. :smile:

I’ve been taking mine outside for 3-4 hours every sunny day here, which means pretty much every day. :sun_behind_small_cloud:

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Wish i could do that here hahaha…mine start to finish inside…i agree tho the WW strain takes lots of abuse hahahaha…tryin to get tuned in…i keep a stock of WW for experiments lol

Did a lil playin around today n got the 3x3 set up!
Filled it with 2 Sonofarm Pro Series 2000(both pull 215W from plug)
4” inline exhaust

Any thought???

Yes, first thought…I wish I had that! :wink:

Control for humidity and temps? Is the inline fan all you need? (I’m still new and learning.)

Best of luck.

Got a humidifer with humidistat set to 50% on auto…temp stays 72-74 on mids 60s off…they love it lol…2 fans for circulation

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Well its been a battle this time!!! So far making it thru!!! Wat yas think?

Jus reaching end of third week on the 2 wwa and and end of 1st for the blue dream!!!


Your plants look happy to me! :+1:

Had a few deficiencies along the way but coming back nicely…these sonofarm lights are doing well so far…glad i took a gamble on them…ended up setting up the 2x4 with a HLG 135 DIY kit rspect and vr65

Looking pretty!

Next up…mephisto genetics line-up:
Grape walker kush Auto
Ripleys OG Auto
Samsquanch OG Auto
Double Grape Auto
Alien vs Triangle Auto

Saving the kushmints x banana OG by Geist Grows for outdoors!!!

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That’s some variety there!

Plants looking good. You’re going to have some massive colas!

Continued success.

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Jus purchased Solacure flower power UVB lights…look out tri production…here i come!!!

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Where do you find these lights?