On the strain hunt

Hi guys! :v:

I know choosing a strain is a really important part of cultivation & proving to be more difficult then I thought.

I find myself continuously scrolling through strains, reading all the information, watching all the little videos, coming to the forums to view people’s grow journals multiple times and I seem to be stuck in a continuous loop…
(Probably like a lot of people)
So I thought I’d bring it to all you guys and ask, what’re your favourite strains?

Personally I am looking for something that looks very aesthetically pleasing, also very dense preferably large sized flowers, multi coloured hues, smells pleasantly fruity & super tasty, high yielding with a short flowering size, the higher the difficulty the better, I’m willing to invest a lot of time into this challenge so the harder the better.

Right now I’m led towards Gelato, but Blueberry & Strawberry Kush also seem like great options & choosing these haven’t been easy, so please, help me choose!

Tell me your favourite strains that you’ve experimented with, what’s given you the results you’ve wanted? feel free to go into any detail that you like, pictures encouraged


Im still super new to growing buy aesthetically i think none is prettier then strawberry milkshake imo


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Hey guys, sorry about the tags! I literally tagged 10 people at random in alphabetical order, one from each letter, I’m sure you’re all grassy growers with a bit of experience under your belts that can point me in the right direction.

& please I encourage you to tag in any experienced growers you know to this one. :pray:

All the thankyou! :heart:


Here’s a few I’m working w atm



Lots of great stuff out there

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Do you have a personal favourite?

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Not just one. But I have lots I like best

Duke diamond is my fav breeder

Aficionados estates has the best quality tho. Both sell nothing but fire. All phenos are keepers;)

@Hoppiefrog thanks for your responses. :pray: have you ever had a certain strain give you excellent, colourful bag appeal, which is heavy & that was just a dream to smoke?
I really like what I’ve tried so far at ILGM, their genetics seem nice!

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We can make any plant change colors. And I’d stay away from autos, just because it sounds like you want to be involved more so in the grow. Stick with photo period seeds so you have control over their veg phase.

My favorite strain isn’t available to the public since it’s still in “testing” but its Lemon Macmuffin bred by Terp Hound Genetics.

Sundae Driver, Granddaddy Purp, Nevada Mints, Caboose, Alien Breakfast Cookies.

Breeders I like are Cannarado Genetics, 1904 Genetics, Symbiotic Genetics, and ILGM


I won’t be much help here as Ive kinda stuck with one strain for my grows . ILGM White widow . Not too much fancy about it but it’s an easy grow that gives a really nice high :v:

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Top shelf breeders imo

In-house genetics
Relentless genetics
Geist Grow
Jungle boys
Dying breed seeds
Exotic genetix
Old world
Oni seed co
Pacific Northwest roots
Sun Grown genetics
Wyeast farms

Most everything grown from these breeders is :fire:


So I am a new grower, but the best genetics I have seen have come from jungle boys, brothers Grimm, and ILGM. Some great genetics from all of those.
For strains I like Girl Scout cookies extreme from ilgm and Cinderella 99 from brothers Grimm.

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Anything by Duke diamond is great smoke and yeilds great I pull nearly a pound off anything of his I have tried. Great taste and potent to boot. Great price too😜

Interesting thread, appreciate the tag, I’d like to follow along :v:

P.S The best strain I’ve grown so far is Gold Leaf ILGM.


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Hey guys! :v:
I’ve along my search I’ve seen all of you have some great looking success!
I’m hoping you can shed some light on the matter.

All the thanks :heart:


The zkittlez off here seems aesthetically pleasing in their pic. I’ll let you know soon when somebody in the zkittlez thread I started starts flowering

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Most of us are about a month in I’ll probably get the chilliness to get the purp too since I don’t have much temp control