On the Homestretch

I think I’m getting close, but hoping for some expert opinions. What do you folks think?


U have about 3 weeks minimum they are still clear


are those close up shots on the sugar leaves?

You’ve got some weeks, yet. All clear trichomes. Frosty!!!

no one said 2 weeks lol


Be sure and look at trichs on the buds, and not the leaves. Totally different.

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No. EHS I suspect! You could go 3-4+ weeks. Step away from the clear trichomes please!

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Actually, several people did.

What’s EHS?

Early Harvest Syndrome. Caused by rigid timelines (that plants don’t use). Also the fact that harvest time is not so much harvest moment as harvest week…s. Also problems often start after flowering starts, which makes growers want to chop early. Early harvest leads to paranoia, anxiety, and stress, which is why some don’t like the weed.

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Perhaps this will help: a couple =2
a few = @3
3weeks minimum = 4 perhaps more.
I’d say lol, but I hate that. It’s just CYOA for those with no sense of humor.
Your plants look wonderful from what you let us see.
As @BudzMS said, No one on this post said 2 weeks.
You seem to have a handle on what you’re looking for. You’ll do fine!

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I figured it was something like that! But you gotta admit, the experts don’t make it easy!

“Don’t harvest yet, idiot! It’s too early!”

“Don’t harvest too late, idiot, or you’ll be stuck to your couch for life!”

“That’s not enough amber trichomes!”

“That’s waaaay too many amber trichomes!”

Hell, with my eyesight, seeing ANYTHING is a miracle, much less telling the difference between a clear and a cloudy trichome under a microscope.

Don’t get me wrong, though! Very appreciative of everyone’s help!

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You may be partially blind but don’t make things up like fake news. No one called you idiot. Perhaps a bit impatient, but you are clearly no idiot. Use your magnifier to see this:

Or this:

Fairly idiot proof!

LOL that’s the truth!! but in all reality it get’s easier. My eyes are getting worse with old age it seems, even with glasses. You got some good pictures and it’s easy to see the clear trichomes. My way is to start checking trichomes when the pistils recede and are that reddish/orange color. Too early, you get paranoid. Too late, and it’s couchlock. Good thing is that the plant gives you weeks to figure it out lol.

I was kidding! I’m not making anything up. Certainly no fake news. I would love to use my magnifier to see that, but I can’t get anywhere close to that magnification. I have a jeweler’s loupe. Even with that, I can’t tell the difference between a clear and a cloudy trichome. They all look white to me.

But, seriously, thanks for the help. I’m not at all impatient. I just keep getting lots of mixed messages from the forums. People have lots of opinions!

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Do you have a picture of the whole plant and some bud pictures

If you were kidding you could say…lol. But I have a sense of humor so no lol necessary!
Confusion comes many times from plants that decide to erupt into new growth after @90% of the pistils go rusty. That is a new ball of wax to deal with so you get loads of ideas on how to manage that type of harvest.
I’ve found very consistent guidance re. Trichomes harvest timing on this forum. My simplified go time is the first few amber trichomes on the buds in the middle of the plant. That seems to be peak potency…week!
Relax, smoke em if you got em. Peace!

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I tried a jewelers loupe, a carson microbrite, other handheld magnifiers. Finally bought a decent digital microscope

This is also worth watching. Make your own call