On a whim to becoming hooked



Or is it male. Pretty sure I see pre flowers.


Looks male to me @tylan, sorry for your loss. There’s a few pollen sacks that look close to pollinating. Better get him out of there quick.



Looks male


Thanks @Covertgrower and @bob31. I’ll remove it this morning. Of course my ScrOG had to be the male. So far my other two are looking good. Let’s hope they stay that way.


And then there were two… Male has been bagged and tagged and ready for trash pickup tomorrow :sunglasses:


Sorry for the late response, but I agree with Bob and covertgrower it’s male.
Sorry for the bad news and wasted resources, time we’ll as I see it you didn’t waste any . Always sumthin to learn :sunglasses:


@Tylan sorry when I posted that I meant to switch over to my laptop and provide some graphics, but I for some reason did not. My apologies.


No worries @bob31 :slight_smile: I was referencing that graphic already which made me think it was a dude. I was holding out hope. Better to know now then be sorry later. If these other two stay on the path which I think they will then 2 out of 3 from bad seed isn’t bad. Got enough seeds from here to last a very long time so I won’t have this worry anymore (as long as I don’t stress any out along the way :persevere:)

Appreciate all the responses @bob31 @Covertgrower @Nug-bug


Sorry to be late pitching in but yes a male sorry but still worth growing for butter so I’m told as long as you can take it away from your girls, oh yeah did you get your camera for your phone yet


I don’t have any real place to put it unfortunately. I just tossed it out this morning. @daz49

Yeah I have my camera but I need to find a tripod for it. @bob31 which one did you use again?


A tripod for your phone?as I just slipped it over my phone and I would take frosty leaves off and place them on a pad on my lap on a white bit of paper to take my pictures, before I got my 1000xmagnification


@daz49 no for this. I want to say I saw @bob31 had it and he uses a tripod to hold it steady. Maybe I’m wrong. I tried playing with it and it’s real hard to keep still. I don’t have surgeon hands that’s for sure :stuck_out_tongue:



Oh yeah, this is the camera you went for was it


Yeah. I got this originally but I the one I linked above was in my Amazon list and it had a lightning sale so I snagged it.



That’s the one I have and a cheap tripod makes all the difference! @Tylan @daz49


Yeah this was the same as my first one, did you not get on with this one? You’ve seen the 1000xmagnification camera I’m using now haven’t you ?


Yeah, I got the 90X one back in early September then within a few days there was a lightning sale for the USB one so I couldn’t resist. I saw the 1000x one you are using, and it’s very nice :slight_smile: If I didn’t already have one I might have picked that one up. I just need to get a nice cheap tripod and I should be all set though.


Tripods are pretty cheap anyway , I have one tucked away in the attic with all my old photographic equipment that I don’t use anymore, glad you found one you like and I look forward to seeing the shots,you should have no problem finding one


On another note the green bean has entered it’s flowering stage :sunglasses: