On a whim to becoming hooked


Hahaha very good. Please don’t FIM her, she will probably start spittin’ beans at ya! @Tylan


I think my two eldest are in pre-flower. Been on 14/10 for a week and a half and going to 12/12 in four days. First time witnessing with my own eyes so could be wrong.




Top down view of ScrOG


I think you’re right @ Tylan. My clones started to preflower when I had them on 14/10 but since your on your way to flower that’s a good thing. Woot Woot!


I used 14/10 on photos last 2 grows and my plants just went into flower on their own @AnneBonny… Next grow I’m going to 16/8 or maybe back to 18/6!


@Zombo Yeah I read that 16/8 was the lowest you could keep your lights on before they start to flower. Next grow I’m going 18/6 first month, 16/8 second, then 14/10 for 2 weeks before switching to 12/12.


who is saying to you about the lighting ? i’m not saying its a good or bad idea either way its just i’ve never really found any other clarity with the lights topic ,if you know what i mean


@daz49 I don’t recall the thread that spoke about it but I want to say it was @Countryboyjvd1971 who said that he had his photos on 14/10 and they started to flower when they were mature enough so he now uses 16/8 which doesn’t do that. I want to get the girls as much light as possible with giving them a good rest. I also want to transition into flower gently(ish) so I’m going to adopt this way as a test but I’m thinking I’ll probably like the results.


yeah i remember hearing about it from @Countryboyjvd1971 and @bob31 i think ,but i’ve never really nailed it down ,have you grown anything else before trying cannabis i’m interested to try it myself if you could nail it down


The only time I’ve ever grown I was in my early teens and I grew some radishes (mmmmm I love radishes), carrots, and cucumbers. :slight_smile: but that was so long ago. My wife tried to grow some blueberries, grapes, and some bitter melons and that didn’t succeed so well. I’m going to grow some Roma tomatoes at some point because I want to make and can my own marinara sauce.


oh yeah ,cannabis infused i’m sure ,i love the idea of edibles aswell ,i want to do some honey with this grow ,amongst other things lol ,well i’m glad you’ve got in to growing ,this is a great group dont ya think


Yeah for sure. This group is full of so many fantastic people. This is the first place I’ve found and I don’t bother going anywhere else. No need :sunglasses:


thats exactly how i feel ,growing cannabis for my medicine and personal use ofcourse ,is the first time i’ve ever grown anything ,i went onto the site and got some seeds and thought naturally its going to be the best site to tell me how to grow them since they sold me them ,and i was totally right ,i had i felt at least lol that by the time my seeds turned up ,that i had learnt enough to get my grow on ,lol boy was i wrong ,i had a bit of a rocky road getting them started but every one that i managed to get started i managed to keep alive and i did well with them ,with a fair bit of help from the group


It had been recommended by some of the mods here… I tried it but gonna go back to 16/8 or 18/6 next grow… @Tylan @daz39


Oh yeah, did you have any difference in yeild or quality when you did it


Can’t tell for sure because I’ve only done 2 grows and both on that light schedule. I would say yield is lower than I could have had because my veg time was reduced… Net grow I’m gonna veg longer to get more bud sites, super crop more etc… I think I’ll have a better yield when I do that @daz39


Checked on the plants tonight and saw this. Am I being paranoid or is this a hermie? If unsure is it safe to wait another week to get definitive yes/no?

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