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Watering Day - November 7th (didn’t get around to posting yesterday)

ScrOG (#1):
Days from seedling: 75
Days from veg: 47
PPM In/Out: 378/1310
pH In/Out: 6.4/6.8

Front right (#2):
Days from seedling: 75
Days from veg: 47
PPM In/Out: 369/975
pH In/Out: 6.5/6.5

Front left (#3):
Days from seedling: 58
Days from veg: 34
PPM In/Out: 370/2300
pH In/Out: 6.4/6.8

I’ve decided I’m going to transition to flower. I’ve switched the light schedule to 14/10 with a plan to go to 12/12 in two weeks (21st). That way hopefully I’ll be harvesting by the end of January. The goal is to have it all dried and cured by the end of February. Of course these are all bag seeds so I should be able to tell the sex soon as well. :crossed_fingers: for girls. I’d be happy for at least one but would prefer two (or all three!) to be girls.

I waited four days to water and should have watered after three days. Hard to find the time some days to dedicate to watering. Takes me about an hour from start to finish! Is that an above average time?

ScrOG tucking going well. I think in the two weeks before I go 12/12 I should have at least 70% filled.

Green bean growing like crazy. It got to the top and started looking for some more to wrap around so I started just wrapping it around the top of the trellis.


Great work @Tylan the girls are looking great. So is the Lil green giant :sunglasses:
Keep em green


Thanks @Nug-bug! :grinning:


They look good @Tylan after watering I usually sprinkle some more DE it can sometimes take 2-3 applications


Looking great my friend, your doing great, well done


Ok thanks @bob31. I didn’t see anymore yesterday during my inspection but I’ll spread some more tonight after lights on to be on the safe side!


Thanks buddy I appreciate that. It’s weird the closer I get into the grow the more nervous I get (only because I’m a first timer). My wife has slowly started to accept that my plant time isn’t going to be five minutes and done. There’s a lot to this than one would realize when starting out. I love a challenge so bring it :slight_smile:


It’s definitely a a challenge but I found it so exciting that the time flew by, specially as soon as you start getting buds, remember that the drying and the curing is as important as the grow but takes a fraction of the time my friend


Sprinkled DE today. Now that I’m extending the dark period I have to wait until 5pm to do anything.

I tried to super crop the front right plant in two spots. Probably did it a little late in veg but it’s fine.

How did I do?

@bob31 @daz49 @AnneBonny @Nug-bug @Covertgrower



Time will tell, @Tylan but you can get pretty nasty with those things. I literally pinched and rolled the stem between my fingers until there was no support to be found and hung limply. I’ll be doing this to mine very soon. I’ll tag you and you can compare. Also, I’m no expert, I only have one grow that I did this with, and 1 out of 3 actually worked. But I remember the one that worked, I was most violent to. Lol.


Good to know @Covertgrower. I didn’t want to be too violent lol. I figure if it doesn’t work no big deal it’s a good lesson learned for next time. :sunglasses:


Nice @Tylan looks good, if she straightened back up just do it again, and don’t be scared to use the pimp hand !!


Super cropping looks awesome @Tylan. Good job. It’s a little scary at first but after a bit it will be second nature.


Watering Day - November 15th

ScrOG (#1):
Days from seedling: 83
Days from veg: 55
PPM In/Out: 340/1120
pH In/Out: 6.2/6.5

Front right (#2):
Days from seedling: 83
Days from veg: 55
PPM In/Out: 376/980
pH In/Out: 6.3/6.6

Front left (#3):
Days from seedling: 66
Days from veg: 42
PPM In/Out: 334/1460
pH In/Out: 6.5/6.5

They’re doing good. Scrog going okay. Tucking away. I also did some trimming not a lot still a bit nervous to do too much just yet. The super cropping results are still on the fence. I propped one of the branches up but there are no knuckles so I might have fudged it.

Been on 14/10 for a little over a week. Going to go 12/12 in 6 days. Haven’t seen any gnats in over a week so I think that issue is cleared up. Green bean is on fire :fire:


The green bean looks great @Tylan


I didn’t know what to expect from it. It definitely found it’s legs LOL.


Dang that green beans done took off man😎
And ya girls are gorgeous :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:
Great job


don’t let her get too close to the light we don’t want bean burn :smiley::+1: :seedling:


@Nug-bug thanks! I’m finding it’s taking me 30 minutes per plant to water now because I’m trying to get everything perfect. My wife knows she won’t see me for like two hours every 3-4 days LOL.

@bob31 I know! some of the leaves up top are looking like they’re not liking the light. I was hoping she would realize it’s hot and to STOP GROWING upwards :rofl: I accidentally ripped off her top last week when I was wrapping her around the trellis. She responded by branching out even more and making more tops LOL.