On a whim to becoming hooked


Heck ya that will work! @tylan Absolutely!

Reuse, Repurpose Recycle! ahhahahahaha


That’s awesome @Tylan My husband has eagle eyes I swear and is forever bringing home stuff he finds on the side of the road. Free is the perfect price. That looks perfect for what you need.


Watering Day - October 24th

Added Cal-Mag to each gallon per plant.

Left Plant (topped) (#1):
Days from seedling: 61
Days from veg: 33
PPM In/Out: 480/1660
pH In/Out: 6.6/6.7

Middle Plant (FIMed) (#2):
Days from seedling: 61
Days from veg: 33
PPM In/Out: 480/1540
pH In/Out: 6.4/6.5

Right Plant (topped) (#3):
Days from seedling: 44
Days from veg: 20
PPM In/Out: 480/1620
pH In/Out: 6.4/6.5


What strain isthe bottom pic @Tylan I can’t help but notice those purple stems!


I wish I knew @bob31! I got it from as bag seed of some premium bud. I just neglected to ask the strain at the time. I’m most excited about that one. That’s why it’s behind the other two as soon as I found it I geminated it and planted it lol and by then my sister-in-law didn’t know which stain it was. I recently got black widow from her so maybe that’s what it was the last time. Not sure though :sleepy:


She’s a purty gal for sure! @Tylan


Moved some things around. I’ve been also taking care of my daughter’s second grade green bean she brought home in dire conditions. I have been nursing it back to health for the last couple weeks and just transferred it into a 3 gallon. Just for fun :sunglasses:


I grew wheat grass in my tent last winter! @Tylan And I still have some recovering Aloe plants that are ready to come back out into the world again!

While I’m looking at your tent, last winter a member here had a bunch of damage done by a clip on fan that vibrated loose and landed smack dab on top of the grow. If you have some Velcro straps or something to wrap them with or a string or cord to tie them to the side post, that would be a bit safer!

The grow looks great! The green beans too!


Haha thanks @bob31! Would you know I’ve been meaning to get those velcro straps because one landed smack dab on the one in the front left about a month ago. I’m surprised it made it and did I learn?? Lol. I think some came with my tent let me go check. Thanks for the reminder!!

Btw out of likes :+1: :+1: :+1:


I use cable ties with my fan, no way it’s going anywhere, looking great though


Actually forgot to reposition them earlier too. They aren’t going anywhere now @bob31 @daz49 :+1:


A father’s duty! That’s awesome. You’re a good dad.


Nicely done! @Tylan


Installed ScrOG.


Is that the screen from the baby gate you found? Sweet! @Tylan


Looking great @Tylan yeah get some ties on those fans, I’ve seen a few forum members have that very same incident. I nursed a mother’s day present from our daughter back to health. Marigold. That thing exploded when my light hit it. I even gave it flowering nutrients.


Yeah it sure is :sunglasses:. Took off the semi rotted wood and hoisted it up with some rope clips. Came out better than I expected :slight_smile:


Decided the ScrOG in the front of the tent was annoying me plus I needed to shift the filter a bit, tidy up some cabling, and rearrange the plants.

While I was at it I covered the power outlet lights with some tape.

This green bean is stretching to latch onto something so I got a trellis and now need to make sure it latches onto that instead little bugger :wink:

Also saw a gnat on a green bean leaf. Killed it but not sure how it got there. Ordered some food grade DE and will be coating all the soil just in case.


Boy oh boy is DE messy!

Just laid some over the dirt on each of the plants. Haven’t seen another gnat but better safe than sorry.

Man seriously one sneeze and it’d be snowing in my tent. Wow.


Watering Day - November 3rd

ScrOG (#1):
Days from seedling: 71
Days from veg: 43
PPM In/Out: 798/1540
pH In/Out: 6.4/6.5

Front right (#2):
Days from seedling: 71
Days from veg: 43
PPM In/Out: 798/2540
pH In/Out: 6.4/6.4

Front left (#3):
Days from seedling: 54
Days from veg: 30
PPM In/Out: 798/3830
pH In/Out: 6.4/6.4

Took each of the plants out and inspected them. Found another gnat walking on top of the DE that I layered on the soil for the green bean. I didn’t see any others on any of the other plants. There were a bit of dead or dying leaves. Not sure of that was from the plant doing it or because of other issues. Gonna have to monitor closely. I pruned them off.

After I watered the DE was soaked into the soil and some came out in the runoff. I hope that’s what is supposed to happen. After I was checking runoff I found a dead gnat in the tray of runoff. :neutral_face:. I can’t find any when I look I really hope there is just a few of them and the DE takes care of everything I don’t see.

You can also see some are droopy. Let them go an extra day before watering.

The green bean grew some legs! Not sure if you can see in that picture. It’s doing it’s vegging thing :sunglasses:

Side note I’m going to change the time from 18/6 to 16/8. It seems this is a good way to get some more rest for the plants without triggering flowering.