On a whim to becoming hooked


So got the TDS tester. First thing I did was transplant them into the 5 gallon smart pots. They were real close to being root bound. I also realized that the pots they were in were 3 gal because I had to add a good amount of soil before and afterwards.

I raised the pH of the water to 6.7 because the last time I watered the runoff was .1 to .2 less. The TDS reading before going in was 333 ppm. I’m not sure if I’m going to get any good runoff but I’ll go back and check in a little bit.


Heh so the pH of the runoff was 6.7 and the TDS of the runoff was 2120 and 2800. I’m thinking that’s cause I added about 2 gallons of FFOF.

The good news is no other spots on the leaves since the other day so I’m going to just leave it be and continue to watch. I’ll fill out another support ticket if I see anything bad going on in the next day or so but I’m thinking I might be okay…I hope :sunglasses:


Well done you, fingers crossed for you buddy


Just some picture updates. Their doing okay since I transplanted. They are getting really big. The two larger ones are closing on 60 days from sprout. The smaller one is chugging along and almost 40 days since sprout.


Wow! The size of some of those leaves is crazy @Tylan. Looking good and healthy.


Thanks @AnneBonny! It’s amazing how fast these things grow. Actually a bit freaking out because my tent is more of a veg tent (newbie mistake) and only has a 5 foot height. Need to get a ScrOG in there quickly. Every week I put it off is bad. I think the left one is about 23" from the ground now. That will also buy me some time to get the little one caught up before I flip. I was thinking I might be able to flip to 12/12 sometime in early November.

If they all turn out male then problem solved lol. But that would suck.


My wife is gonna kill me. Just purchased a 48x48x80 tent and a 50 pint dehumidifier. Good news I scrounged all around for gift cards to make the purchase and only had to shell out an additional $20.

When the tent arrives I’ll start to move everything over and then use the 24x48x60 tent for my drying tent.


SCORE! @tylan Now you have a veg tent and flower tent. Awesome!


All that for treasure hunting $20!! She shouldn’t be too upset about that, imho… unless it’s the space it’ll take up that bothers her. I tend to lean towards the “ask forgiveness rather than permission” camp :sunglasses:

My grow started out as hubby’s project… he bought a 4x4 tent and at the time I thought 3x3 was as big as I wanted to go. Now I’m glad for the bigger tent - and have completely taken over the grow (his involvement is to follow my directions) :smile:


@AnneBonny @GreenThunder

Yeah I agree with the ask for forgiveness too :slight_smile:

When I told her she responded with “ugh fine” so I’m good LOL. She understands being passionate about a hobby. She has a Jeep Wrangler and is all about being a “Jeeper” and modifying her Jeep. Plus she will benefit from my labor as she can out smoke me most days :rofl:

Now I can start vegging my next round when I’m drying and curing these so it’s a win win. Doing it in my basement so I have the room (sort of). I’m going to be doing a little bit of rearranging this weekend. Have to remove/replace some 4 foot fluorescent lights with smaller LED lights because they’re going to be in the way of the new tent. Have 82 inches of height space so gonna be tight lol.


Pretty sure I have a potassium deficiency. I’m waiting on something in the mail today I want to try out when watering so I’m going to put in my first nutes tonight when I water. They haven’t been watered in 6 days but that’s because I think I really badly overwatered them last and wanted to make sure the soil dried out completely.


New tent all set up:


Wow! @Tylan looks awesome. How tall is that tent? It’s probably the angle but it looks tall.


8 feet. I have like 2 inches of space between the tent and the beams in the basement :joy:


So my eyes weren’t deceiving me then. That’s pretty tall.


Congrats on the new tent! @Tylan

I came over to see how much longer you have to harvest.

Once they start flowering they will be ready in about two months!


Thanks for stopping by @bob31! The left one is already ready to be flipped but the other two aren’t there yet. I’m really hoping to flip in a few weeks but the right one is 2 weeks behind and I’m not sure that’ll be ready by then. I’m thinking I won’t be able to have any until Feb but that’s my birthday month so I guess I can deal with that!


Well hopefully before that! But if you’re good, fill the tent up! I know you’ve got plenty of height so are you doing anything to keep them down? Some of these girls can be monsters if they aren’t SCROG’d. @Tylan


@bob31 Yeah I need to ScrOG and stat. Problem is I think I reached my wife’s limit on things I’m buying. I found a baby gate on the side of the road though and grabbed that just need to macgyver something out of it. I think all I need is some string to dangle it and I should be good.


The baby gate