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Have you tested the ppm of your run off…?
On your next watering , get your pH in check and once that’s running out at 6.5 then grab a sample for your ppm and then we will have a better idea if you should start nutrients yet or not… :wink:

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I don’t have a TDS tester :sleepy:. I just bought one and it should arrive on Saturday. I last watered on Tuesday. The soil is still a little moist was going to water tomorrow but I’ll wait until Saturday afternoon so I can get the ppm. They should be fine until then.


I don’t think it’s wind burn BUT I did reintroduce a clip on fan to the tent. It’s not blowing air directly on the plant though. Here’s a few pictures of the plant at different angles.
Coincidentally I double topped it this morning. There were no marks on the leaves then.


The fan is a good thing it will strengthen the stems for them and make them strong, it just looks to me like it the bottom leaves getting wet, maybe while watering, it’s totally normal if that’s the case and I’ve lost leaves to that many times, I’d say don’t have a strict watering time table and people i don’t know why but tend to keep theirs close to their chests, the only watering advice I’ve ever had is water when it’s dry, which Is kinda right but totally ambiguous at the same time, personally I am more a fan of water little but often rather than drown it and have an overflow tray that it can sit in for a few days, I work to hard to get them that far and I would hate to get root rot, when they are small i like to water oh I tell you what rather than me ramble on if you want me to tell you I will but otherwise I’ve probably rambled enough ( I’m a bit stoned lol ) ,I think they look fine for now, try not to over think it,how big are your pots? I and I know a few in the group like to use the fabric pots,I personally use 5 gallon fabric pots, but I grow in a grow tent, its a 120 x 120 x 200 cm growroom


I’ve been watering when dry which is sometimes as long as 5 days. They have never appeared thirsty so I think I’ll handling that ok. I know I’m watering wrong but I’ve been trying to avoid doing any watering from a watering can that gets messy quick for me so I use my spray bottle. I fill it up and water around the plant at the soil level and I make sure I get the whole surface.

Watering little but often doesn’t give any good runoff though, no?

And you can ramble all you want I don’t mind :sunglasses:. I just went dry yesterday and I’m tired of paying 260 every two weeks (wife and I smoke an ounce every 2) so our purchases are more spread out. Going dry sucks :drooling_face:

I have no idea about the pots couldn’t find how many gallons but they are 16" wide. I have 5gal fabric pots but they came after I had these in their pots.


Ok well if you don’t mind me going on then I’ll dribble for a bit for ya, to start with I get you with sick of paying for it but also in the UK but you have no real quality bud here unless you grow it and oh it tastes so good, ok yeah I water with the spray much more when they are small but once a week I’d water to run off, but just a trickle for me unless you need to check it, but from what I can gather, most of the other long term growers are more in favour of water to run off every time, but like I say I don’t do that, what nutrients are you using? When I first started i used flower power nutrients from Robert Bergman, and then l mixed it up with the canna range and this grow I’m doing totally the canna range from start to finish, I hope that helps and ofcourse anymore that I can help just ask my friend Oh also I got a long spouted watering can for when they were at that stage but again that’s only me


Your girl looks like she will be fine until you get your TDS meter… although I do think that she seems a little wet and that could be a possibility as to why she is acting this way… I would suggest fabric pots because it’s kind of hard to oversaturate them and also for all of you at the same time you want to make sure that you soak your plants not just feed a little bit at a time or water a little bit at a time … that’s actually not good , because your soil will become hydrophobic which means it will not attract any water or hold onto any water and as you water your plants they will start to get thirstier and thirstier as you go … that’s why it’s best for you to give a really good soaking when you first transplant into another pot to allow the soil to become able to hold on to the water and then your plant will slowly soak everything up and it will become dry again and once you’re completely dry and starting to show signs of being dry is when you want to water completely again and soak the hell out of them to where you get at least 10 to 20% run off…
For those of you that slightly water your plants tend to run into pH problems and also not ever knowing what your PPM is or your pH because you’re not able to test run off… you will also notice that when your plant is harvested and you look at the root ball that it never had an opportunity to actually fill the whole pot and that’s because it was never trying to find and soak up all the water in the soil… :wink:

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Thanks for your input, I love a friendly debate about this kinda stuff as I’m pretty new and obviously still have a lot to learn, but if you check my grows my first grow was a durban poison in a 10 gallon pot and she grew to over 6 ft and gave me over a pound in weight and filled the pot, my 2nd grow was a gold leaf and she grew to over 6 ft had 17inch colas and gave me over 10 ounces dry weight and she filled the pot out and I have a grow atm a super silver haze, gold leaf clone, white widow and strawberry kush and they are growing really well and almost at harvest, I’d be really interested and happy for you to check my grows and give me any watering advice as as I had said before, the only advice I’d had was water when it’s dry,oh and to be crystal clear, I have no growing experience ,qualifications or otherwise other than since I started growing in March, not even when I was at school or anything, I was interested in totally different stuff, so please educate and enlighten me please oh and my ph meter I can push into the soil to tell me the ph, heat, dry, everything I want to know so I do understand the value of that


The bud is decent here but before I found the 260 I was paying 350 to 425 an ounce. So ridiculous that’s why I’m growing because I’d go broke and I have to feed my 4 kids lol.

I don’t use any nutes yet so going to see if I need them when I get the tds tester. I have the GH nutes on standby if needed though. Going to find out Saturday.


Thanks man. They shouldn’t be too wet it’s been 2 days since I watered. But I did also step up my watering slightly (1/3 gallon). Before next watering I’ll move them into the fabric pots I have so I can at least eliminate that as a possible issue.


It was the cost the quality and for medication and personal use that I decided to grow, I’d been given news that I have emphysema and it’s gone missed and undiagnosed for 10 year’s since I had a collapsed lung at work and they a bulla on my right lung, so I want to get off all this nasty medication, sorry for going on about me


That sucks man sorry to hear that. And no need to apologize this is my grow journal you’re more than welcome to say whatever you want :grin:


No worries my friend, just trying to help, it totally sounds like @peachfuzz knows more about how the watering cycle than I do, I am mearly going by my own experience, please do check both my other grows and see what you think, I’d be really happy to hear from you, and please look in on my current grow, I actually think it’s funny for me to look back and see how green I was back then and literally it was only actually March, and I’m on my 3rd grow now and I’ve got my 4th grow getting ready as growing seedlings already and they have a thread to if you’d like to look in


I’ve been a soil grower for the last seven and a half to 8 years and I can teach you the cheapest easiest way to grow in soil and I even have stuff that goes in hydro and soil which isn’t heard of …but I have my own little method that I developed that works really well… but since all that , I’ve switched to hydro in dwc and then after that I went to rdwc and if what you’ve been doing is been working , I’m not telling you to change anything… I just want you to understand that there’s a method to your Madness and as long as your plants are using up all the nutrients and all the soil and the roots are so thick that you can’t even beat them free of the soil after harvest , then you’re probably good to go … if you’re able to knock off 65% of the soil and left with a little tiny root mass then I will tell you , you are doing something wrong … but I’m going to tag the both of you to my thread and I want you to scroll to the top …the very first plants you see we’re actually in Miracle Grow potting soil with a little bit of a mixture that I make myself and I had done that for years and years with great success … but like any of us , were always looking for bigger better and more and so far in the last year-and-a-half that’s been my quest and I’m pretty sure I’m getting there… :wink:
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I had fairy thick roots, my first one was so solid I’d left it out for about 5-6 weeks in the wettest weather and the only way I broke it up was to keep driving over it with my ride on, I was just trying to spread it around my garden, the 2nd plant was again pretty thick and totally solid and I just threw it in the forest, I think if your right in what your saying which is most probable as your so much more experienced than I am, but the reason mine holds water is the pearlite,I’d love to learn all I can from you


For documentation purposes the second plant has a couple spots on it as of this morning. No other additional signs on the first one.


Just throwing another symptom out there while I wait for my TDS tester @peachfuzz. The tips of some of the leaves are slightly curling.


I want to say , slight over-watering mixed with soil that might be a lil to hot… :wink:
I will scroll up to see what else was said , but as of now that’s my opinion… :wink:

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I scrolled up and didn’t get enough info… :wink:
You need to fill out a support ticket… :wink:
Could be several things now that I seen more pics… support ticket is needed… :wink:

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I did fill one out above :wink:. I’m going to fill another though later today after I get the TDS tester because I didn’t have my rh/temp meter at canopy level until after that ticket.