On a whim to becoming hooked


Been a busy day. Decided to top that one:

I also got my second Vipar. Set it up and also decided it was time to transplant the baby into a 5 gallon smart pot:

Hopefully the plant I topped recovers quickly.


@Tylan yes there have been many incidents with fans falling due to the negative pressure in tents. ZIP TIES always secure fans. Hope she turns out. Happy growing.


Thanks for the tip I was actually thinking about using zip ties so that works lol. I’m glad I’m not the only one to experience that but that’s also why this is a learning grow. :blush:


@Tylan Looking good, that second light will make a big difference. My only suggestion is if there is a slotted end on the lights (mine have vents on the ends), separate about an inch for ventilation, will give the light a longer life…


@Ron330 good point. I’ll check that out first thing after work. :+1:


Spot on man. I gave the lights a few inches space now.


Also you want your carbon filter inside your tent so it can be more effective… you want to suck air through it , not push air through it… so that way your carbon will last longer and you just replace the outer filter more often… :wink:
Lookin good tho… also maybe take your plants out of ther when your remodeling so their not in harms way… :wink:

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Well son of a… LOL

That makes so much more sense. Thanks for pointing that out. Lots of duh moments but it’s people like you that make this a great learning experience. :grinning:

This now sucks air through the filter and pushes it out the tent.


Now you can just buy a couple of those outer filters and change them out when they get nasty and make that carbon filter last as long as possible… :wink:
Also you will notice it’s easier to manage your temps with it set up that way… :wink:
Not sure if you seen my thread… alot of good info so scroll all the way to the top… I tag you in… :wink:
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Tried to FIM. I find it ironic that the one labeled F*ck I Missed is the one that seems the most precision is required. To me topping is easier but I need to use this grow to learn since I have some Amnesia Haze on order from ILGM.

how’d my first attempt go?


Here’s pictures from all three before I tucked then in for their dark period (9-3). The one I FIMed has a fan leaf that’s drooped. That happened yesterday before the lights went out too. I thought it needed watering but I had just watered 1-2 days so I gave it a little water and later that night I checked and the leaf perked up but this morning it was drooping again. I left it alone and going to see how it looks after dark period.

One I topped 6 days ago:

One with droopy leaf:

And the baby giving a strong showing:


Droopy leaf picked up after dark period.


Going to try a new format to see if I can better document the grow.

Feeding Day - October 10th

Topped (#1) and FIMed (#2):
Days from seedling: 47
Days from veg: 19

Topped height: 9.5"
FIMed height: 6.5"

Untouched (#3):
Days from seedling: 30
Days from veg: 6
Height: 4"

For all:
pH in: 6.2
pH out: 6.1

These three are pumping along. I’m actually surprised how fast they grow once they got the vegetative stage. I’m worried that I won’t have any head room (5ft tent) left so I might need to learn some ScrOG techniques. :rofl:

I definitely need to pH up that water which I will be doing for next water day.

Some pictures:


#1:. (some of the leaves were damaged when the clip on fan fell on top of it as you may notice in some of the pictures)

On #1 two of the fan leaves were angling down and were going to hit the dirt in the next day or two so I did a little minor pruning:


Just a pic of the plants in the tent.


Topped the plant again. Hopeful it recovers well like it did last time.


I have a deficiency of some sort. I’m in FFOF and was actually thinking of using my GH nutes this week as they’ve been in the soil for 6 weeks and I just figured the soil was probably losing what it had.

Strain; Bag Seed

Soil In Pots

System Type? N/A

Ph Of Runoff Or Solution In Reservoir? 6.1 (to be corrected next watering)

What Is Strength Of Nutrient Mix? N/A


Light System, Size? 2 450w Vipars

Temps; Day: 79 Night: 68

Humidity; Day: 58, Night: 78. (had at soil level not canopy)

Ventilation System; Yes 4" 100 cfm intake, 4" 190 cfm (dialed down) exhaust

Ac, Humidifier, De-humidifier: No
Co2; No

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On another note did I FIM this FIM? not sure but doesn’t look right.


Let’s call in some of the expert’s and see what they have to say while I have a look, they have lots more skills and experience than myself

@latewood @Hogmaster @Fever @bob31 @Niala @AnneBonny

OK I have had a look through and you seem to have a nice little set up, I would highly recommend scrogging, specially if you have limited room ,your plants look healthy enough, when you switch the lights off its natural for your leaves to fall droopy and then pirk up and point towards the sun when the lights come on, you seem to be keeping a close eye on your grow but they are very fragile at this young stage so I’ll see if anyone else wants to chip in


@Tylan I’d say wind burn or damping off due to the pot not having good drainage


Need pics of the whole plant not just the affected leaf