On a whim to becoming hooked


Well hopefully you get a couple lady’s out of the 3 bag seed aren’t bad . I’ve had some top shelf stuff grown from some bag seed . I’ve got some clones off a buddy’s bag seed grow that we call fubar that stuff is right up there with my gsc so it’s very possible to get great bud off bag seed


Just you wait till they start getting big and then the buds start growing, oooh when they start getting sticky and sticky, I hope you’ve got yourself either a jewellers eye glass or my personal favourite the 100x magnification microscope camera that you can clip onto your phone and check your trichomes, so you know when it’s good to to harvest, you’ll be having so much fun, you’ll definitely be hooked


By bends you mean LST?


I’m thinking if any of these are ladies I might try my hand at cloning because why not. The stuff they came in was definitely decent. The first two were from reg but I’m hoping to make them into proper ladies :slight_smile:


Is this the camera you’re speaking of?


I’ve seen this one mentioned quite a bit and I have an Android so it’ll work.

And boy do they smell already. I have a carbon filter I with a 190 cfm fan I need to install this weekend. I walk down in my basement and it reeks. I’m actually surprised by that since they’re so young. Hoping that means I’m gonna get some nice buds :smiley:


In the duct tubing. If you extend the fan further into the tent it will straighten the duct


@Fever Oooh duh my bad. Yeah I’ll be re-arranging a little this weekend when I install my carbon filter. I don’t like that duct’s current location either.


No no no you don’t need to spend that kinda money ,it’s this one, hang on I’ll take a picture

This one is under £5 but on my trichomes thread you guys in America found it in amazon for around $5 I think it was ,im actually waiting on one that I think is hand held and is 100x magnification, that’s also on eBay for under £10 , just waiting for it to turn up, but there are some pictures on there from the person who used the camera


Oh perfect! I just found that one on Amazon for about $13. Not bad. Adding it to my wishlist. Thanks for the look out :slight_smile: That extra $30-40 can go to something else for my tent :grin:


No worries, anytime you got a question just ask and everyone here are always happy to help



Sister-in-law stopped by last night and kids were in bed so I took that advantage to rework the ducting and install the new inline fan. Going to do that either tonight or tomorrow. I’m also going to move the inline fan closer to the middle of the tent to better grab the rising heat. Now at least the tent has some good airflow going on.

While I was working on loosening one of the clamps I dropped a screwdriver and it landed on one of the leaves and hit the dirt. The leaf looked a little droopy afterwards so I was a little worried but this morning the were perked right up :blush:


Three paycheck months are great. Grabbed another 450W Viparspectra and that microscope @daz49. While I was at it since I’ll be needing them soon I also picked up some General Hydroponics Flora Grow Bloom, Micro Combo Fertilizer set 3 pack. I have a feeling I’m going to need to pick up a dehumidifier soon as well. Hopefully I can hold off a bit more before getting one of them.


I’m going to either top or FIM this Sunday when my pruner arrives. I’m leaning towards FIM but I want to make sure I got the exact locations to cut for each.

Is this the spot to top?

And for FIM in not sure where is it the red line or blue?

I’m looking at this diagram for reference
fimming vs trimming


Fimming is the blue line. You want to cut 80% or 90% top of the new growth but leave just a bit. FIM stands for F$!# I Missed when topping lol

I prefer fimming because I think it’s lower stress for the plant than topping it. Dealer’s choice.


That was the main reason for me leaning towards FIM because I don’t want to add too much stress. Thanks for confirming the line to cut :+1:


Moved the fan so it’s sucking the air from the center of the tent and added the carbon filter:

Also when I opened the tent the clip on fan decided it was going to fall and hop onto the one I’m going to FIM. Leaves were a little droopy but nothing looked broken. I twisted pot so the droopy part was more facing the light.


@Tylan things are looking good and moving right along.


Had every intention of FIMing yesterday but ran into some complications to that plan. Turns out the negative pressure in the tent caused over of my clip on fans to fall and land square on top of the plant I was going to FIM. I luckily was in the area when it happened and quickly took the fan off and straightened the plant. It stood on it’s own but for a little help I tried to get some dirt support going. Still standing this morning so that’s good so far.

I noticed this yesterday and I’m not sure what it is or if there’s a problem. This plant (can’t tell if it was before or after the incident) has some weird white stuff coming from there very very top where be growth is supposed to be coming from. Any ideas?


The only white that should be growing out of the plant is hair like pistils.


Yeah exactly. I’m going to check that spot when I get home today. I may just top the plant at this point if that’s dead whatever it is. Definitely is not a pistil.