On a whim to becoming hooked


Lol my dad came over for Thanksgiving and went into the basement to grab one of my work lights. I saw the work light and was like oh s…! He must have seen my grow tent since it was literally right next to the tent. He didn’t say a word. Then he found another reason to go into the basement. Came back and said what is that thing downstairs? I laughed and told him. He shook his head. I said wanna see? He was like sure… LOL.


I got the gardening bug from my mom, who is 76 now. She came and spent the weekend with me and I showed her. I knew her love of gardening (indoor and out) would override concerns about what the crop is. Now she asks me how it’s going all the time. Lol. I mean my parents were mid-20’s in 1969 when I was born. They aren’t strangers to pot. I’ve smoked with both of them as an adult. Most of my family smokes and we’re all pretty open about it. No hiding behind the garage anymore. After my sister’s death, they’d rather see me smoking weed for my back pain than popping the opiates doctors have prescribed.


Yep @Covertgrower, I’ve got an outdoor shed but I’m afraid the chemical smell won’t be good. I use it store pool chemicals. I’m not sure how old everyone is here but I have sure seen an uptick with approval and usage in just the last 10 years, and I’m living in one of the most up-tight anti-smoke states there is…Texas. If any of you have visited and made it to Texas, you’ll agree. As ya’ll know Austin is pretty laid back compared to the rest of the state. I’m thinking my future mother-in-law who’s 84 years old has resigned herself to the fact things are a bit different here compared to her little town in Tennessee. She’s actually excited and said she didn’t care what we did here in Austin as long as it gave her someone to talk with and a place for her dog. She’s a super sweet lady. My parents have also done an about face and given their approval with smoking. How times have changed. I’m sorry to hear of your loss @muffybunny. Life is just too damn short sometimes.


@Flyr pool chemicals could always be placed in storage totes to keep the smell at bay. Or wrapped in plastic. I’m sure the chlorine smells will seep through a little. But if it’s your only space for growing, and it’s not legal there it would something worth thinking about. You might be battling heat at that point though. I know it gets hot there. I have family near Dallas.


As much as it pains me to say this I know it’s the right call. I’m postponing the stem split. She’s not ready. Trichomes are mostly cloudy with 20-25% clear. I see very little amber maybe 1%. Plus she’s still bulking up.


Good call. You won’t regret it.


Good call @Tylan sometimes you can’t rush things.


I’m probably asking a question that’s been covered here but how do you know it’s too early?


To answer your question @Flyr ,if I might be so bold @Tylan , he’s checking the trichomes to see how many clear, milky and amber that are there , I’m pretty sure that’s right


Thanks for the assist @daz49 always appreciated my friend :slight_smile:

@daz49 is right @Flyr, I’m checking the trichomes of the bud sites around the plant. You usually only start really looking at them when the pistils turn mostly amber. If you see in the picture posted above you can see she’s adding more pistils (the white ones going upward weren’t there the day before) so she’s continuing to bulk up. I don’t want the trichomes to be too amber because I’m not looking for a couch lock effect. The more amber the more heavy the effect. If they are all or mostly clear then you don’t get a good high. The trichomes are filled with THC when they get milky and that starts to deteriorate when it goes amber.

Here’s a few pictures of what the trichomes can look like at each stage:





Better still bro get him to check out my trichomes thread, it’s got loads of great pictures, plus I would say to you a word of hast, I’m glad your going for the stem splitting, it really does work but don’t be to early as the last 2 weeks the buds swell to almost double their size, so you don’t want to miss that my friend ,always happy to pitch in just as long as I’m not stepping on toes, which is what I like about this site, every one learning from each other and sharing the wisdom


these are get some cheetos and a sleeping bag trichs!


Great idea bud. You should totally tag him over there. I loved watching your trichomes develop :sunglasses:

Yeah I am very anal retentive to the point it can bother me how I am sometimes lol. I was really nervous about cutting her down too early because those trichomes just didn’t seem there even though she’s 8 weeks into flowering already. I’m thinking she got two more weeks at least. When I saw those new pistils that was what sold me on waiting. I almost made the dreaded newbie mistake. :sweat_smile:


Great shot @BIGE


i cannot claim it @Zombo picked it up long the way…looks crazy rifgt?


Holy crap! It looks like a zoomed in picture of velcro or something. That’s awesome!


Added some supplemental lighting tonight. Each fixture is 70w worth of 3000k LEDs.


looking great @Tylan


Trimmed some dead leaves up top. Should have done it earlier but now that I have the supplemental lights I don’t want any blockage.


That’s quite a bud!! :drooling_face: Beautiful and beasty :v::green_heart: