On a whim to becoming hooked


Once dried I jarred mine in 1 quart mason jars with Boveda 62 packs and burped them at least once per day for 15-30 minutes for the first two weeks, then every couple of days for the next 6 weeks. I feel as though they hit perfection at around that time.


Hahaha oh man I was showing this to my wife who I think it’s more impatient than me at this point. She said “exactly! I just want to smoke it already”. Lol. After I cheated and got us both stoned the next day she said “doing more gardening today?” And when I said no honey we need to wait she put a frown on and said “I trust your judgment”. :yum:


Have my 10 pack of boveda 62 and five inkbird hygrometers on order. I hope that’s enough but if it’s not that’s a good problem to have :sunglasses:

Need to go grab some more Mason jars since my wife stole them all to put dog treats in lol.


Is that a little light burn on one of the plants?

Looking great dude!

I read an interesting trick: when your “frosted sugar” look vanishes it means your trichomes are cloudy. I’ve noticed the frosted sugar look disappearing before on my plants and wondered why.

I don’t know how reliable it is.


One day the temps got to 55 in the tent and one of the plants started changing color. No light burn on them that I can tell. Should remove the ones that look dead though but so close to harvest dunno if I should.

That’s a nice trick I’ll have to actually pay attention tonight when lights come on. Some of the lower branches have only white pistils so that might give me a good comparison :sunglasses:


Tylan, Great job capturing the moment during your grow. Too bad those two Boys showed up. I understand you purchased a TDS Tester a while back. Did you find a good trustworthy manufacturer and brand? I was also wondering about starting two or three different strains at the same time but the thought of circus music and goofy clowns persuaded me otherwise. Not that I have anything against clowns but it’s probably more than I care to experience all at the same time. I liked your baby gate idea. And thanks to everyone here, I no longer have a gnat problem. I guess your green beans curbed any hunger pains you had during watering. All you needed was a little Ranch Dressing to dip them in. Thanks for the documentary @Tylan.


Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my journal @Flyr :sunglasses:.

I actually hate green beans lol but my Dad sure did enjoy them when he came by a couple of weeks ago :yum:

The TDS meter I use and it’s pretty good so far is


As much as I wish the one didn’t turn out to be male it was a good learning experience. I don’t think these two plants left will yield enough to last until next harvest but I’m hopeful. My wife and I consume quite a bit on a monthly basis (3-4oz) so that’s why my next grow I’m hoping the four don’t overwhelm me. I think I’ve got a good understanding now on how things work and what to do and but to do that I should be able to pull it off… We’ll see. Hop over to my other grow journal for that grow if you’d like. They are only a week old. Link to the journal is a little bit up on this thread.

If you start a journal tag me in I’d love to follow along :blush:


These showed up :sunglasses:


That’s a lot consume in a month for two people if you ask me but is it just y’all two do you share the 3-4o’s with people. Also to help you not run out of weed start a few seedlings like 3 weeks after you flip to 12/12 and you’ll have plants ready to go when you harvest the ones you have going now. I think they call it perpetual grow where you’ll have a harvest every two to three months.


Lol share? No. :yum: To be honest my wife probably uses 3 of those 4 oz LOL. She’s a chimney with pot lol. She’s a cranky one when dry for the first few days.

I am working on getting a good rotation going like you suggest. I would need another tent just for flowering but I don’t have the space for it just yet :sunglasses:


True I understand as I have a 4x4 tent not set up as there’s no room. But wifey said when oldest goes to college this year I can move my other 3 tents to his empty room and then I can setup the big one.


@Tylan pfft, you think all my plants were for me? I practically was HOUNDED until I made cookies last night at 10pm. I should’ve been going to bed. I’m in your boat, and paddling along on that one. I’ll even help you bail… (figuratively of course) lol


Lol I sure know that. Lucky for me the wife is not a fan of edibles she’s prefers the instant gratification from smoking. Her sister has been providing us our smoke for the last six months or so and her sister is very evasive and hard to get a hold of. I am surprised she doesn’t hound her but I get why she doesn’t. It’s sometimes hard for me to resist the urge to ask her if she tried her sister again. Don’t want to sound pushy myself. That’ll be so nice to never have to worry about again.

The wife was against all the money I was spending on the grow until they started going into flower and she could see I put a lot of effort into them. I think she secretly thought I’d fail. This growing is mainly for her more than me. More for me in that I save in the long run. I like saving money even if it’s long term.


Couldn’t have said it any better. She was against it at first. Then after harvesting, and sampling, she became a slightly less grumpy of a person. Then the grow was on. I just wish she would volunteer to help in the tent now and again…
I originally started for my migraines. (Which I will say have stopped since consuming lightly) I knew that I had to pick some strains for her too. After my clones finish, this next grow will be more epic than anything. All ILGM @Tylan


Out of likes as usual.

She likes to grow things but doesn’t pay attention to her plants and they either die or look like sad pandas. Now she wants my Viparspectra’s for her plants. My long long term plan is to say “here honey…have all of my grow lights…I’ll just replace mine with some HLG grow lights” LOL

I am so glad I found this place. I’m sure I wouldn’t have succeeded in the capacity I have without ILGM.


Me either @Tylan I want to replace all my blurple lights as well. I want to throw away/clean out the shed more so I can fit another tent in there. Mrs. Covertgrower needs more… lol


I hope u know that you’ll never have enough stuff lol you’ll always wanna upgrade lmao that’s why my next buy needs to be another tent for vegging ,but right there with you brothers going through the same stuff


Oh yeah I’m so addicted to this hobby. My wife even said I can build a complete walled up grow room in the basement. That’s gonna take me time I need to remove built in shelving (and find a place to put all that crap) and to rearrange some walls. I just don’t have any room to put the stuff I have stored on those shelves. My daughter needs to go to college already so I can steal her room hahaha.


I kind of understand your dilemma. My son is actually moving back in from college. We lasted two years in college but got tired of studying and having to play the college game. There goes one of my options. On top of that I just learned there’s a 75% chance my girlfriends mom may be moving in with us. Talk about a full house. We have the room but I just don’t know what to say to her mother about my tomato plants. She says her mom won’t care. We will see, right?


@Flyr have room for a shed outside? I would lean into the subject lightly before attempting to grow… unless it’s legal. Then oh well…