On a whim to becoming hooked


looking great @Tylan


Thanks @neckNflu @Nug-bug @BIGE :grin: I wish I knew the strains because the top pictured one is a gorgeous plant. Always so perky and I love the color of her leaves and stems.


yes,they are pretty for sure!


Started my next grow while this one finishes up over the next month. For all interested:


January 2nd Update Pictures

Week six girl

Week seven girl


I love it @Tylan nice colors too!


I cheated. Took a couple of popcorn nugs off one of the branches I super cropped. Soooooo stoned right now hahaha. That’s my only cheat. Gonna harvest her in a week and half. Stem split tentatively scheduled for the 13th and chop chop on the 17th. That will put her at 9 weeks.

The other one will most likely follow the same schedule just a week after (20th/24th).

If trichomes aren’t where I want them on either by the time I plan on stem splitting I’ll delay.


@Tylan we need to match on a joint one day hahahahaha those are some frosty nugs!


Man I’m so impatient now but I persevere. These look so yummy. Watering day. Feeding this girl but not the other. Not natural light. Trichomes of this one incoming.





Hopefully this one will be ready in 2.5 weeks


This is the stage that makes me most impatient too :wink: The waiting and watching and waiting some more… :persevere:



Then it’s the curing time and more waiting :+1:


Yeah but I am not nearly as patient for that part… ‘there’s plenty to cure, so I can have just a small sample now’ :grin::laughing:


I personally like to sample it throughout the cure… you know, for science and stuff.


yep,hurry up and wait!
it is going to be worth every minute!


i fall short sometimes too @Bogleg


How do you all cure yours