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what is the climate like in your area. dont tell me where you live, just the climate. i grow in the rocky mountains and i fight 10 and under temps. are the knats coming in from your surrounding environment?


If you have an extra seed and have the spare time can you do a trial run and do the following and keep us updated. that is if you have the space and time for it and wanna do a science experiement. but my purple haze plants are stubby as hell and i believe it happened from how i positioned my lights. you would need to pick up a t10 strip light along with your 100cfl. here is what i did.

Germinated in sea weed extract and ph 6-6.5 water with a ppm of 225 (hard water) and sprinkled mycos on the wet paper towl
I didnt get to them till the 4th day so potentially you could yank them on day three.
from day 1 of pregrowth in a solo cup with plain fox farm ocean forest soil with mycoss, i had my t10, i shit you not, an inch from the soil and then maintained an inch from the seedling up till week 2.5 and switched to my viper 450.

i grow in a small space, so this worked to my advantage. but im wondering if i potentially stunted them some how. i wont know till i do my next germination, but that wont be till march or april.


Live in valley it gets cold during winters. No gnats coming in just other things need to think about ways to filter my intake air since that’s the open spot. Thinking of using nylon to prevent pests from getting in. I suspect I’ll have a bigger problem when it gets warmer out.


This is an interesting idea. I might have to try that one day. The next grow I have a couple variable changes from this grow that I don’t want to add another factor. I will definitely keep this in mind though!


Put some no pest strips in your tent which will help.


Good idea I’ll check those out :+1: :sunglasses:


It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve updated with pictures :yum:

December 26th Update Pictures

Week five girl

Week six girl



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Lol @Covertgrower I was watering yesterday and moved some of the branches while looking around and my fingers smelled so good i wanted to light them up :rofl:


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Oh man @Tynan the girls look awesome man!
Great work coming right along