On a whim to becoming hooked


Other than the ph thing, four different plants can be challenging because of different feeding needs,let alone four different strains…
Then some might be taller and lanky,some short and squat, making it difficult to get that flat canopy to take advantage of all the light you have.
Different flowering times can also meet with your timing, for the next run.
That’s what I can think of off the top of my head @Tylan


Ok that makes sense @Nug-bug. As it is now I spend about 30-45minutes per plant during watering/feeding time. I’ve tried to cut that down but I spend too much time being meticulous. I can see 3-4 hours getting old fast. Maybe I’ll do two strains four plants. I am dying to try the Skywalker OG and the Blackberry Kush. I was looking for some variety but maybe I can challenge myself with four strains in a future grow.


Yes I’ve got my eye on Sky. Walker also. And the chronic widow,will definitely be getting at least 3 of those each,and possibly some type of haze… purple or amnesia


I went a little bit crazy on the seed purchases so I’m just so confused on what to start with LOL. I probably will start with the two I mentioned. The strains I have currently are:

Amnesia Haze
Sour Diesel
Skywalker OG
Blackberry Kush

At least I think I’m good for a few years with these…until I spy a new strain I want to try :wink:


This is me exactly!! :sunglasses: I’m itching to start my ILGM seeds but have two clones getting close to flower (as soon as the big girls are chopped) One of my bag seeds was too good to not have more :wink:

[quote=“Tylan, post:200, topic:15142”]Speaking of which a questions to you or anyone stopping by… Are there any downsides to growing four separate strains at once? I’m going to grow four in my next grow but I have seven strains from ILGM and I want to grow four different types at a time.

I started 4 different strains but one was tossed due to being a male. Also one is an auto fem while the other two are bag seeds: a sour diesel and an unknown that turned out to be indica dominant but as tall as the SD. The auto is bubba kush.
I probably won’t mix auto and photo again (though it’s not been a failure) I will do 2-4 strains again. I’ve given them all the exact same nutes and feed/water schedule (former perfectionist here!) and they’ve all flourished. :v::green_heart:


Wow what a collection!! I’m starting to be able to get a few…maybe before to long I can get a bank stored😉


Jealous of the selection. My current grow just started veg week 2 and I’m already thinking “next time”. I’m leaning towards ILGM Banana fems. Or Crystal or more blueberry or clementine or… or…


@Tylan different strains, I did that my first grow… then I learned why. @Nug-bug basically hit on all the points. Then to complicate being a new grower, every time I went into the tent I could hear circus music… but I will say for being a first time grower, I made out great. If you do want to do multiple strains, and you’re up for the nutritional challenge of suiting every plants’ unique needs I say go for it. Now, stick with an all indica grow, or hybrids that lean that way, or sativa/sativa leaning hybrids. This will allow your canopy to mostly the same.
You can use buckets to prop them up for height. I had to do that. You get dangerous when you have to do that, because now the plant with the bucket is blocking the lower canopy of say a sativa dominant one next to it. It’s not recommended unless you have to. (Or you’re a new grower and just don’t know!) happy growing.


I actually did consider cloning one of mine :slight_smile: I was too anxious to start my next grow though. It is kind of sad that these two bag seeds will be gone forever after this grow and I don’t even know their strains. Oh well I’m gonna smoke the hell out of them in remembrance :yum:


LOL it’s ridiculous how addicting just getting all the strains are @Nug-bug @muffybunny gotta collect 'em all LOL


LOL I got circus music stuck in my head now hahaha.

Thanks for the input as well. I know it’d be ambitious so I will tone it down with just two strains. I need to get a better watering can (and more). I fill, nute, pH, water…next… It’s very slow going because I can’t really do anything during the 20 to 30 min I slow water a plant. That’s going to take me 2 hours for four. Heck no.

Thinking of getting a couple of these so I can multitask and get the job done quicker. Plus gets me more time with the wife.


I use these to feed and water, they are great!


@Tylan I bought mine at the local true value, the green thumb brand. The screw off tip works great.

:+1: on the link!


Came in the mail today :sunglasses: should make things a heck of a lot easier.


This happened overnight. Tomorrow is the start of her fifth week. Tried getting some trichome pictures but really hard. Going to try again in a little bit.


Obviously not ready yet :sunglasses:


Nowhere near but great looking trichomes


Be sure to keep your humidity as low as you can get it @Tylan. Otherwise she’s looking good.


28-35% currently


Wife convinced me (weird!) to get our next grow underway since I have that veg tent and I’m about a month away from harvest. I just ordered some ProMix BX from my local garden shop and I have the sample kit for NOTG on its way. Going to get some 100 watt (23eq) CFLs to sprout them and get them started while this current grow finishes up. I’ll start a new grow journal for that grow when it starts.