On a whim to becoming hooked

Good call!


Thanks @Covertgrower and @bluntley420 :grin:

Yeah I did buy one just haven’t installed it yet:

I ended up getting an inline fan (I think wrong one) and have it exhausting air out of the tent currently. I haven’t added an intake airflow yet because of current funds but I’ll end up getting something soon.

This is truly an awesome hobby with great rewards so I’m excited to be on this ride :sunglasses:


Well said @Tylan!!!



@Tylan intake fans are optional, as long as you have negative pressure in the tent. If you have the bottom vents open, and a circulating fan oscillating or stationary for air movement in the tent. Your fine. I do not have an intake fan, and its doing great in there. Hope that helps, glad you got a carbon filter though. Discretion is key to growing. Happy growing, its a rewarding ride!


You want to hang your exhaust fan at the top of your tent… heat rises… :wink:

Welcome to ILGM



Well duh I knew that but didn’t even think this time when setting that up. Nice catch :blush:. Although not the best setup probably it works for now and I’ll adjust later.


Wasn’t picking on you my friend… :wink:
Whenever I see something that don’t look right I will ask questions or make suggestions… :wink:
I just want to make sure that you can grow the best medicine possible… even the little things count sometimes… :wink:

:v: :sunglasses:


Oh no worries I took no offense and appreciated the lookout :+1::grin:

It’s all good :wink:


A few days later and they definitely rebounded and started growing again. I’m wondering though if I should cut the two dying/dead leaves. I have to imagine they’re providing some help especially since the plant is so young. I’ll probably let them stay until they drop. These two are quite resilient! Much appreciation to @Countryboyjvd1971 for helping me through that initial panic :grin:. Also the one new seedling is doing good. The other one never came through. I’ll give it until Monday then pull it I guess.


Well it’s definitely been a good week for these girls. They rebounded well and are working on growing. Each day I see growth. I added two 6" clip on fans to the tent. Going to need some intake airflow soon as well as another LED light because they will be needing all the lighting they can get. Hopefully I’ll have both within the next 2 to 3 weeks.

Pics of my current set-up and close ups of the girls:

Looks like a slight discoloration on some of the leaves. Wasn’t sure if I had the lights too close so I moved then up to what is shown in picture. Didn’t measure the distance though which I should do.


Day 35 for the twins and day 14 for their little sister. I’ve been spraying all three with a little bit of watering to the twins about once a week. I checked the pH of my bucketed water and the pH had risen slightly to 7 so I downed it to 6.5 and has stayed at that. I watered the twins in FFOF today so I could get some type of run off. The run off came to 7 so I pH downed the water a little bit and will continue to observe.
I don’t quite think the twins are ready for any major waterings even though they are 35 days old. They had too slow of a start but the last two weeks they sure have started to come into their own. I’ll probably need another two weeks before I can even think of topping them.

If anyone sees anything of concern let me know.


Days 41 and 20:

Picking up momentum on their growths. I’m thinking of FIMing the older ones very soon. I’m so very nervous about that but this is my learning grow and you don’t get better at things without making mistakes along the way. I want each of their currently developing nodes to get established better first. I’m also wondering if one is Sativa and the other Indica. I’m not sure though. They could be both the same for all I know. Thoughts?

This is the one I think is Sativa:

And this is the one I think is Indica:

And of course a picture of the younger one. I forgot to take it out of the tent for a better picture:


@Hoss29 welcome to my journal :slight_smile:

@Tylan their looking good . They kind of look like they could be hybrid of both indica and Sativa But I’m no pro so I could be wrong most they time a indica leafs are short and fat sativa leafs are long and skinny . Then you have hybrid that is a cross of both

@Hoss29 Thanks :slight_smile: Yeah, these are all bag seeds so I have no idea. The smoke was good though so I guess that’s all that matters. Really hoping they’re all girls. I’ll cry if they’re all males :cry: but if they are oh well. next grow is going to be from ILGM seeds that I have yet to purchase and I’ll use my experience to make that grow fantastic.

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Less bends the better

Well hopefully you get a couple lady’s out of the 3 bag seed aren’t bad . I’ve had some top shelf stuff grown from some bag seed . I’ve got some clones off a buddy’s bag seed grow that we call fubar that stuff is right up there with my gsc so it’s very possible to get great bud off bag seed

Just you wait till they start getting big and then the buds start growing, oooh when they start getting sticky and sticky, I hope you’ve got yourself either a jewellers eye glass or my personal favourite the 100x magnification microscope camera that you can clip onto your phone and check your trichomes, so you know when it’s good to to harvest, you’ll be having so much fun, you’ll definitely be hooked

By bends you mean LST?

I’m thinking if any of these are ladies I might try my hand at cloning because why not. The stuff they came in was definitely decent. The first two were from reg but I’m hoping to make them into proper ladies :slight_smile: