On a tight budget Viparspectra led light how is it?

What light can I use for now ???

Anybody tryed the mars led ??? Give me so insightful

I got a GalaxyHydro 300w full spectrum LED light and I love it. And it only ran me about $90 after tax and same day shipping from www.amazon.com

I own two Viparspectras (600 Watt).
I am happy with their overall performance, brightness & temp they run at.

I think a worthwhile purchase.

Love them

I have a 900 and a 300 in a 4x2x7 tent


@Brian091180… Hi Brian, hat is your light footprint with those 2 lights? Also, can you daisy chain the lights? I have a 900 watt Viparspectra, thinking about getting another 2 300 watts to add, my tent is 4x4x 7, your plants look awesome bro

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@Zombo, you ought to think about adding 1,000 watt panels. More light equals denser more copious bud. And led’s draw FAR less than the selling wattage. I like having a 300 watt (mine’s a Meizhi) for germination up until they’re about 14" high. Then they go in the big box.

@Myfriendis410, I actually have been tossing around buying either 2 more 300 watts for a bigger footprint or a 1200 watt meizhi, have read good things about those lights… Still have a way to flowering yet but trying to decide

I kept adding as I went. I’m up to a 4 X 6 foot box with a total of 3,600 watts of led’s on top. Actual wattage probably 1,200.

@Myfriendis410, dang you pushing those lumens bro… Sounds like a great setup… I’m thinking about getting a 2nd tent, so I can can have a veg and flower tent… Just trying to figure best lights… If I have a veg tent, I can use a t5 light and then add the less for flower? Not sure gonna keep reading and
Learning… I’m still probably 8-9 weeks out before I switch to flower w/ 2 plants I’m growing now…

I made mine out of rigid Styrofoam. Cheap and easy to work and somewhat structural. When you’re done it’s just taped together. Cut the tape and store it under the bed.

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Well the viparspectra it is

Id have to look it up to be sure but the 900watt could cove 4x4 with no problems the 300watt is 2x2

What lights are you running send me the link

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