Omg, they're here!


I swear, when you stop yearning for something to happen…it happens!

Came home from town today, finally hit a place where I wasn’t longing for the mailman to come, and absentmindedly walked past to mailbox to the front door. Before I entered, I remembered the mailbox…and my seeds were there!!! Granted, it was 11 business days (17 days total) from order but, by golly, they made it.

Thank you ILGM!!! I’ll take lots of pictures!!:blush:


Enjoy the ride brother :grin::+1:


Thank you, @Countryboyjvd1971 , I hope I don’t screw it up but thanks to all of the wisdom in this forum, I think I have a pretty good shot at making this work!


Glad to hear that you got your seeds. My advice; Take a day or 2 to make a solid yet simple plan. Don’t grow too many the 1st time. Be patient and always ask for guidance before doing anything that could potentially harm your babies. We will be around if you need us. :slight_smile:
Happy growing


Thank you @latewood; I ordered the 10 WW and I’ve got a 3’ x 3’ x 6’ tent for growing and I figured that I would start out with 2 seeds/plants. That way, if I do something wrong with one, or even both, I still have 8 seeds to fall back on. Would 2 mature WW fit in my tent comfortably or do you think I should just start with 1? I planned for 2 (I have 2 x 5 gallon pots to finish in and 2 x peat moss starter “pots”) with one transplant.



Congratulations on the new arrivals. My tent is a 3 x 3 also and 2 White Widow will fit nicely. I started with 4 plants and lost one to stupidity and 3 fit okay but I am going to cut back to only 2 plants and try to get more out of them . You will be very happy with your choice of strain . Everyone should grow White Widow for the first grow they are forgiving and good smoke . Make sure to start a Grow Journal so we can follow your new adventure. This is what a 3 x 3 tent looks like with 3 plants in it

Good luck and keep the green side up


Thank you so much for the info and the encouragement, @Oldstoner! I think I will start with the two in the beginning. I have a couple of questions for you: 1) how old are the plants in the picture, they look incredible! And 2), may I ask what stupidity killed your one plant? I may have to add it to my little black book for future reference.

As for keeping a journal, I’ve got that ready to go. I’ve been writing down the bits of helpful information, that I’ve been acquiring since I began this quest, in a journal that I bought just for this occasion. If I can actually grow these plants to smokable/tincture quality, I won’t stop and I want to look back and see what I did right and what I did wrong. I’ll take plenty of pictures also.

Thank you again!


@super_newby congratulations, I know how exciting it is as I just received my first seeds less than 1 month ago. Best of luck on the grow. My first grow is also 2 White Widow.


By the end of this grow maybe we can change your name from Super _newby to Newby First Class!! good luck my grow friend<*)))><{


LOL!!! We’ll see how it goes :slight_smile:


@super_newby the girls first germinated and came out of the soil on sept 6th and the stupidity was taking the plants out of the house on a nice day and my plant fell from my upper deck the impact broke the main root about 3 inches below the soil line . What you see in my pictures is from a complete rookie who didn’t really expect to have much success . You got this brother I predict one of these in your near future


WHOA!!! that’s beautiful!!! @Oldstoner


this is one of my favorite pics


Congrats, see, happiness in the East. Dont be afraid of the topic search button, I been reading forum posts for months, started with stuff I needed to know and moved on to getting as much info as possible… What a great place to hang out. Good luck


Wow, you are throwing your big dogs at me @Oldstoner …motivated!! I’m going to start the paper towel germination in the morning while I put the finishing touches on my little grow tent. I’ve been stabilizing/testing all of my components (temp, Ph, light timer, etc.) on a sick plant that I have so I know that I can maintain the environment. The two tricks that I learned from watching endless YouTube videos is that I’m using a reptile thermometer to maintain the tent temp +/- 1 degree from 74 degrees, very handy, and I have a heating pad set on low under the plant to keep the soil nice and warm in a chilly basement. I’m in New England so winter is coming so the two biggest challenges I see coming are maintaining temperature and humidity (the furnace dries the air out quite a bit so I have a bowl of water sitting in front of the small space heater I have in there…keeps it around 55% humidity. I also have my organic fertilizers mixed at 1/4 of recommended doses (seaweed at 0.0.1., fish and seaweed at 5.1.1), a cal/mag just in case and bloom enhancer when the time is right. I’ve been doing my homework…now lets see if I can pull it off. Oh, and I have a 400w LED lighting system. Still waiting for the fan to show up… :wink:


@super_newby I hope your sick plant doesn’t have anything contagious that it can bring into the grow room, just a cautious thought.


It wasn’t “sick” actually; we had a crazy hot summer this year and the leaves were burned off of it. I thought it died but once it starting cooling off, a little green shoot appeared at the base; it’s grown about an inch since I’ve put it in the tent with a CFL and proper watering. So, it didn’t had the crud, just a hot summer @Noodles.


Absolutely agree with @Maxchill there is a ton of good stuff under that little magnifying glass at the top of the page one of the ones that was the biggest help for me even understanding what I was reading was by @Dumme and I think I found it by searching for ( Grow terms and definitions ) it helped my learning curve actually more than any other single article on here . That and I do a lot of reading .


Pure art my friend!!!