OMG My Plants Look Weird


I am growing some Oregon Huckleberry from some clones I got locally. I think they were just about to be thrown out as they seemed a bit mature when I got them. Started them in the tent 3 weeks ago.

I am growing in a 4x2 tent. I am using 400w MH 7500k for Veg and will do 600w HPS for Flower.

They are planted in Happy Frog and sitting in 1 gal containers.

From afar the plants look nice but when you look close, a lot of the leaves are all twisted up and all of the stems seem really short. The original clone leaves are starting to yellow which I assume started when the clones began to root and they are just being cannibalized as all new growth looks nice green.

Do these look odd to you ?


@mwep Everything appears normal. They are from a clone, so they’ll have a different shape. When planted from a seed, they will grow into a typical Christmas tree shape.


Thanks @Covertgrower

I am so used to growing from ILGM seed that I had no clue.

If plants from seed grow as Christmas tree then how would you describe clone plants ?

Thanks again!!


Young clones grow really wierd at first. They’ll start looking normal in a couple weeks.


@mwep clones grow kind of side to side first. Like a branch would from the lower part of the plant. (Which that’s what they are)

You can clone the very top of a cannabis plant, and it would grow more like a plant from seed.
Eventually your clone will fill out more bush like with additional tops as it matures. Just like what @Familyman stated.


My current clones actually have pre flowers on them and they are in veg. :man_shrugging:t3: Hopefully they don’t fully flower. They are on 18/6 lights. My current grow is from clones and it took them a solid month to really straighten out.


The fact that you understood that they needed longer says something. @Familyman
Because @mwep may not know, clones once rooted, can be cared for and fed just like adult plants. So full nutrient schedules, and proper lighting. Happy growing :seedling:


Thanks a lot for the info!!

I am really new to clones. I got these from Denver Clone Store as it saved me a month on my grow but in hindsight I do prefer starting at seed.

I really appreciate all the help!!


I’ll be patient with an endless supply of free plants.


It good to know how to grow both ways in case you grow a seed you really love and can either sell clones from it or grow even more. I’m on a 3rd generation of clones.


The plants on the left are clones


@mwep and when the clone gets big enough with a few side branches, you can clone those too.
You can clone a clone indefinitely as far as I know.


There is debate that after 10 generations it loses potency but I think it’s bunk and am aiming to disprove it.


I think read something about that. @Familyman honestly I was a bit skeptical myself. I’ve always got something fresh going after a few grows, so I’ve never tried it that many times. I can’t help I like new strains. Lol


Me too. Running Norhtern lights, sour D, blue cheese, Jack Herer, blueberry, Cali snow and black widow is just sprouting.


Sounds like me @Familyman

My grow is about 12 plants in total at different stages. I’ve had such good luck with ILGM and Herbies that I am constantly trying different/new strains.

Oregon Huckleberry

Northern Lights - Royal Seeds
Jack Herer - Kieva
Jack Herer Auto - Herbies Headshop
Orion Thunder - Barney’s Farm
Cream Crystal Meth - Royal Seeds
Big Bud - ILGM


A lot of mine were freebies with a Seedsman order but the ILGM seeds and Barney’s farms have always done me well. I have 38 plants at the moment.


Might be time to pot-up, too.


Got some 5gallon GeoPots coming on Friday so I am planning on transplanting when they arrive. I watered all the plants today so they should be nice and dry by Friday for a smooth transition into their permanent homes.


It’s actually better to transplant when the soil is moist. It keeps the rootball safe & makes for much easier/safer transplanting.