OMG, is this what I think it is?


Somebody please say it ain’t so

@bob31 @Countryboyjvd1971 @Niala


Are you thinking you see a male sack?


Either that or seeds, I am a beginner though so I’m not quite sure but if you enlarge the picture it looks like a seed, they are six weeks into flower and I noticed this on several of the buds


It looks hermi to me. Sorry about that. Are they b.s. or did you buy seeds?


Bag seed, this really sux, guess I somehow stressed the plant out


With bs you don’t know if the plants mom was a hermi or not. You might have but I’d say the chance is slim. Most likely the mom was a hermi and provided hermi seeds.


It’s kinda strange though cause the other 3 plants don’t have them


I see, will it most likely effect the other 3 plants?


It will if the pollen sacks open.

Like @Wishingilivedina420state said, there’s 2 reasons you will find seeds in your stash. The first is that is pollenated, the other is the plant hermed.


Does this look like a pollen sack or seed ?


It looks like a seed, but typically they come from sacks that have released pollen. Have you looked over everything real good?

I’ve also seen pods like that be full of pistils, but it’s pretty rare.


Sorry my friend but you got seeds for sure just hope not much male pollen got over it or your going to have seeds everywhere :crossed_fingers:


I have looked over everything very well and there is only one plant that is affected out of a total of 4 plants so the other three are like they should be. I am at a loss and don’t know whether I should go ahead and pull that plant and harvest it or if I should just leave it in there, I really don’t know how strong that plant will be the trichomes are about 50-50 as far as clear and milky colored


I would pull it out of the bud and watch for any more


This is a better look, I squeezed one, lots of sticky juice came out


I’m glad to see your pics, but too bad about what is happening. Sticky juice? Is that what is in a pollen sack??


Not really sure, only got a couple of weeks left in flowering before Harvest so I think I will just let it set and develop as much as it can, maybe it will still be something decent enough to use


You don’t suppose they are really swollen pistil sacks do you? I don’t know really as I am pretty green, but my girl gets some very swollen pistil sacks…do pistil sacks have sticky juice in them before the white hairs come out? lol, I really want someone to tell us the answer.


Thats a bummer… you may have some other issues with your plants. They dont look to good with all the leaves hanging and clawing.


Stupid question from a newbie, but if (for example) this was your only plant, no other plants to worry about - is it a complete waste?

I mean, I wouldn’t plant seeds from a herm, just because of the wasted effort if they turn out to be herms as well, but those are still buds!!!