OMG... enough about lights already


First timer here…and I will read no more about lights, I refuse to read more about lights! Sheesh, I thought I was in information overload b4 my first lambing season, I think growing pot might top it. At least I don’t have to worry about prolapses lol.

So, my plan is to start 2 seeds hoping at least 1 survives. Next year I’ll be growing outside so this is basically just to tide me over until harvest next fall.

I want to make this as simple as possible, very low budget. Plan to put them in my bathroom so I can keep the door shut (drafty cold farmhouse) and it faces south but I’ll also supplement w a 60w cfl. House is very dry in winter so hoping daily shower humidity will suffice (or is that bad?). Hope to start flower stage in early Feb but since I can’t keep bathroom totally dark, I’ll make some kinda of tent for it/them.

I don’t need a lot of product, just getting old and don’t want prescription meds and would like to destress once in a while. Trying not to over think it all, like they say, it’s not called weed for nothing. This ph thing is surprising to me, that it can be so sensitive to it. I bought a meter but it seems odd to be so worried about ph. Do people growing in the woods worry about water ph??

I’m curious, is it at all related to ragweed because the appearance (both types, fern and broadleaf) are very similar as well as growth patterns/habits. Even the flowers are somewhat similar. Like I said, just curious, might plant mine where I know ragweed does well plus good camouflage.

Anyway, no real questions but suggestions and tips are always welcome! I’m anxiously awaiting the arrival of my WW (fern) seeds, wish me luck!


@Jen hello and welcome to the group . When I first got on here only a couple of months ago I was much like you with the what in the heck with ph and all the lights . Now I am on here almost daily looking for stuff that I don’t know about so I can learn how to do this . You sound like you have a green thumb at least and that is probably half of the battle . My suggestion first off is to make sure you Make have a place where you can get pretty much complete darkness for the plants or they will turn hermaphrodite and have a lot of seeds in them so it will ruin the fact the plants are W/W femms . I am sure you will get lots of help on here and if you do need help ask and they will
Good Luck


Thanks oldstoner, your mention of hermaphrodites which brings up a question. I remember in college (looong time ago!) we had to separate the seeds out of the pot and would complain when there was a lot. Should there be zero seeds in the finished bud? We weren’t regular buyers even back then so my knowledge about the finished product isn’t stellar either.


I’ve wondered why indoor and outdoor are so different with regard to ph but you’ve got to adjust pH inside or you’re going to fail …make sure you calibrate your meter with the little powder packets that came with it …often

  • best wishes Jan


If you are growing from female seeds then you should have no seeds in your final product . if it is a regular non feminized seed then you will have seeds in your finished product. Feminized is more sought after because it produces better quality smoke because the plant is not wasting energy trying to reproduce.


So…even if the plant (from fem seeds) is exposed to light during dark time when in bloom it won’t produce seed?


It could be stressed and turn Herm then it will produce pollen sacs and if those pollen sacs are not pulled then yes it could produce seeds.


No if it gets light even a trickle of light can make your plant hermie and it will get seeds and not be as good of a smoke .


Ok, gotcha! Thanks!


Prolonged light they aren’t as fragile as you think


Yup and I’m an outdoor (woods) soil grower, and yes I did Ph my tap water and the Soil I was about to grow it in, come to find out the soil was a bit low so my water was about right-on. !!! Mother nature took care of a lot also. Its not as crazy as it seems but I would al least check yer water ph.
The WW fem. seeds are great for beginners grows. heres a little pic of my first WW fem . outdoor soil grow.


I feel exactly the same way, Jen. It really isn’t that complicated. I just harvested my first grow and I rarely ever checked the PH. Two small White Widow plants in a tiny 2x2 grow tent got me 2.5 ounces of excellent weed. And you’re right, it’s WEED! It grows anywhere! The only thing I would stress is use good nutrients. I used Foxfarm and I think that made a difference.


These are almost 8 week old white widow plants and will be flowering for about another 45 days or so hoping to get about 3 to 4 ounces each and I have made several beginners mistakes W/W are a forgiving tough little plant you should do fine


Good to know raustin, thanks! I’m lucky in that I don’t really need to worry about security that much and I have a lot of land to grow outside on, just a matter of keeping the critters out. So this inside grow will hopefully be my first and last unless the outside grow fails.


Beautiful plants oldstoner! Thanks for sharing a pic and congrats!


Those look bud heavy FyshhTrap, is that right? The area you’re growing in looks exactly like my back 40. Horses and sheep have access tho so I’ll have to figure that out. Have u harvested these yet? Any idea how much you’ll get from each plant?


If sheep are anything like goats in thier eating habits be extra careful goats will chew through a brick wall to get at weed


I am sorry but being a huge fan of cannabis I have to interject from now on every time I see that kind of language. Cannabis is not a weed. It is a flowering herb. Hardy but definitely not a weed. To group it in the category with ivy, ragwort, thistle and dandelions(no matter how delicious the tea is a crime). I kid of course I don’t really care what people tell themselves just wanted to clear the air.


Well as my old ag teacher taught us, a weed is a plant that grows where you don’t want it to grow…so you are correct, most definitely not a weed :grin:


A Rose by any other name and all that crap been calling it weed for over 40 years now . I’m good with being wrong been married 26years now and the last time I was rite was 27 years ago anyhow lol.