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Ok I am losing my mind over these strains "amnesia haze and acopulco gold. They are so sensitive. They over or under watered.8 days old and browning of the single leaves. Can anyone help and solve this. Thanks Bud

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It looks like the leaves are just getting darker green. Did you start feeding them?

Your humidity is really low. At this point they take in more moisture from the leaves than the roots. Toss a dome over them and resist the urge to water for at least several days


Hi @Fewshin I have not fed them and I put them in sungro black gold seedling starter.

Thanks Pinboy I put a dome over them and they already have dark green coming back on half the leaf. I guess being a single leaf will fall off soon. Bud Peace Out

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Ok you can give them some seaweed liquid mixed in some water,get one ltr of water to three mls of seaweed liquid i would use this to water them it will help with root growth and development aswell as help with the plants immune system i would only give ur plants a shot glass full .And ur better off filling ur cups up with more soil next time and u may want to put those cups into a red solo cup to stop algae growth in ur root system

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Clear plastic is not a root’s friend. Covering the cup will put less stress on the roots and allow them to grow down and out.

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Seedling starter is just that, a medium for starting seeds. Once they pop up and develop first set of real leaves they need to get into your permanent grow medium. You don’t need their final home, you just need something that provides nutrients to your plant. Seed starter has little to none nutritional value.

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Aright . So Thank you growers for pitching in to help with this small hiccup. I will get them into FF ocean forest. But I have concerns about the ffo soil. Is it to hot for these little girls? I have planted before with them dieing in that soil. Thanks for all the great info. This forum definitaly rocks with info thanks again. Peace Out Bud wizer now

Hey beardless I havent seen exposed roots yet but when I do the red cups will be on them. Thanks again

Please read below cmichg


I use fox farms Ocean Forest, Happy Frog and occasionally Strawberry Fields when my local grow store carries it, and have success with all of them. I don’t notice much difference. I often mix soils over the course of a grow because they all cost the same but have slight differences. For example, Happy Frog has added fungus and bacterial that Ocean Forest doesn’t, but even still I don’t see much difference.

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