OlyBoy makes Jacks321 in advance

I make 11 gal worth of the Jacks321 solutions in advance. I dissolve 39.6 g of Part A, 26.4 g of Part B, and 12.1 g of Epson Salts separately in 2 liter soda bottles.

Part A is darker, so that one is obvious. I put the Epson Salt in the Barqs bottle, because it’s different from the Jacks. 2 liters is roughly 67 fluid oz. 6 oz from each bottle will go into each gal of water/nutes.

I fill the gal jug up with .75 gal of water then mix in 6 oz from each bottle. The Solo cup is marked to measure a 1 gal dose (and 1.5 and 2 gal dose) of 6/9/12 oz. On feeding days I just shake up the bottles and measure out how much I need from each bottle, mix it in with the right amount of water, and start pouring. I keep the bottles in the dark, under a counter.

When I also use Flower Fuel, I dissolve the FF in the .75 gal of water first, then just pour in 6 oz from each of the three bottles. I give it a little shake back and forth and use it right then.

It doesn’t matter if I’m making 1 gal or 5 gal… I’m usually finished mixing and watering in 5 to 10 min.

I did the same thing last summer, but with higher concentrations and in gal milk jugs. My outdoor plants were drinking 5 gal of water every other day. I tried different techniques. This was simple and fast. And I only have to measure out the nutes every other week or so.


Hey @OlyBoy98503, does the feeding change any with the addition to the flower fuel?

Or do you keep the same 321 schedule all the way from start to finish?


I keep to the 321 schedule for the entire grow. When I start using the FF, I watch the leaves for signs of nute burn and I haven’t seen it happen yet.


Thanks for link Oly! Is this the same nutes #'s you’re using? I don’t need pounds of it atm, found this on amazon, but it saying hydro is throwing me off.

Jack’s 321 Hydroponic Nutrients Fertilizer Plant Food - 6 oz Kit https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08C3ZTJFL/ref=cm_sw_r_u_apa_glt_fabc_4MM4ZSNXW3GXF9HX44TY

I get it. I also didn’t want to deal with buying bottles of stuff any more.

I don’t know why that guy’s amazon page was saying hydro. Everything on the Jacks website says over and over again that it’s for any growing medium.

I got the small bags (2.2lb, like above) in July of last year, and I still have more than half the bag left to go. And I had a small bag of walmart epson salts left over from something else that I use for the Mag.


Ordered the 2.2 lbs of part A and B, new gram scale :slight_smile:

I will need your help on height control,thank you sir!!


Any time, my friend! :dash::dash::football:

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I more than appreciate it bud! I downloaded jacks feeding schedule, doesn’t really say how often or when to feed, just says what to use. What feeding schedule do you use?

When do you start adding your FF? As soon as you flip?

Now to find your post where you made art of the last grow keeping the height in check :slight_smile: those main stems were beautiful!

Thanks again!!

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This the FF you using?

Yes! That’s it.


And that’s the size I bought also. I have a plenty of this also since only one tiny ass scoop is for one gallon of water.

The big scoop end (the end that I’m holding) is for a 10 gal dose. I image it’ll last me a while.

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I got cha back: Stunt, Top, Shorten, Starve

If you scroll up (after clicking the above link), you can see the idea came from an exchange with @PurpNGold74 when I was looking to keep my plants small, manageable, and still get a good harvest. It worked great for my indoor Sunset Sherbert grow. I can’t take credit for the idea, but I’ll take all the blame since I’m putting it out there for people to see.

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Since my growing medium is 50% FFOF and 50% neutral medium, I expect the roots of the plant to use all the nutes in the FFOF in about three/four weeks. Those first 3/4 weeks, they just get water (with mag).

As soon as I see any indication in the leaves that the nutes are getting used up, I hit them with Jacks321. 100% strength. I figure that by the time my eyeballs can see the change, it’s time to go all in.

I keep watch, and I’m ready to back off on the Jacks if I see any signs of nute burn. It hasn’t happened yet. They get Jacks every time I water.

After I flipped them to 12/12, I started feeding them FF (100%) along with the Jacks321 every time I watered. Again, I watched for signs of nute burn. I didn’t see any and I didn’t back off. With the autos that I started 2 weeks ago, I’ll probably wait until I see the buds/buttons actually start for a week before starting the FF along with the Jacks321.

I probably underwatered a bit. I was going for “manageable” rather than “maximum”. I’m still thrilled with the results from the SS grow.

I think it’s easier than I just made it sound. I don’t think I explained it too good.


Good tips to save some time :muscle:t4:


Next time you’re in town, let me know. This is the best time of the year to start hanging out on the deck again. You know what else we got gong on? It’s about time to grow some weed in a bale of straw again.


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Thanks growmie! “Work smarter, not harder” is how lazy people like me try to sound all philosophical.


You made total sense bud!! You feed everytime you water.

Can’t wait to see what you do with the hay, you got muck too?

Thanks again brother!!

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I had a bucketful sitting all winter and I just scrapped off the top to dry.

And I got some mud and stuff and started another bucket!

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Some good looking muck!!

If I ever make it up and over to your neck of the woods, I will let you know for sure!!

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