OlyBoy grows autos Summer 2021

Spiral 2

Spiral 1

Spiral 3



I luv to see the leaves pointing to the sky like that, it’s the sign of a happy plant


Some happy and healthy plants …awe …:ok_hand::sunglasses::v:


Spiral 1

Spiral 2

Spiral 3



They’re taking off!!

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Has anyone used the powdered for of Jacks Dead bug?

What’s everyone’s thought on this?
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I’ve only used the ready to spray bottle from the store.


I used to use the spray but had to abandon ship on the captain jack’s dead bug. One of the main ingredients is Spinosad and that’s a no-no pesticide in Oklahoma. Now that I have to go through testing, a pesticide fail will cause me to basically have to throw away the whole harvest. Indoor so far I haven’t seen any bugs yet but for my outdoor I’m going to be using Lost Coast Plant Therapy. They offer free samples if you pay shipping. Again, haven’t used it yet but starting it next week on the outdoors.


But I do remember one time I put DE powder on the plant leaves in veg and a couple of members told me that I was likely suffocating the plant. I just remembered that. Not sure how accurate that is but it made sense to me at the time.


Kills bees. Thanks @Hellraiser for the info.

But no ive never used it


Sorry I never used it. :v::call_me_hand:

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The most I’ve had to deal with in my box is the occasional fungus gnat. I keep the top surface dry and put up a fly paper strip. That’s about it, if your curious to try something different. I’ve read on I think @Calizona grow journal using milk to basically take care of your insect problems. Maybe try that with one plant and see how it fairs against that captain jack stuff? Just a thought since I had nothing really helpful to add to this topic :joy::joy:

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I followed @yoshi instructions and added 1/4 cup milk to a gal of water. I have only done it once but have notices a huge dif with the gnats. Tbh, I didn’t see any crawling/flying/being annoying when I watered tonight. So far so good


@Calizona we agree that milk does "Anybody ( Any Body) good lmao :rofl:!


Thanks for everyone’s comments. Personally, I thought it seemed like too much damn work trying to powder the bottom of leaves. But maybe someone sad a secret way of doing it that I hadn’t thought of. That’s why I asked. I didn’t buy it.

@violagirl0 Yeah. I also use Lost Coast Plant Therapy. Do you use it all the up to harvest? I’ve only used it on my “in the ground” plants. I haven’t had nearly any leaf-hoppers this year compared to last year. I really wasn’t a fan of Neem, and I didn’t use anything on them after they started to flower. But this year might be different.

My autos are just now starting to throw out pistils like they might be starting week 1. I know at some point I’ll stop using the Lost Coast. But how long do you use it on your plants?

(I see you peeking.)

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@OlyBoy98503. You’ve got some patio plants correct? I’m planning on putting mine outside but I’m worried about porch lights and such messing up the plants. You have any issues like that? What’s the most a plant can do light wise without getting messed up? Like obviously moonlight is a thing and doesn’t screw with them. I’m wondering how far from my house I need to get to be safe. Any thoughts??

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:. You got me!! Lol

I haven’t started using plant therapy yet but it’s what one of the labs said to try. It says you can use it up until the day of harvest without any unwanted affects so that’s probably what I plan to do. Projects against bud rot so I’m thinking it’s okay for flowering without messing everything up. But I don’t know for sure.

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I do indeed have patio plants. For my plants that are in veg, I just try to stick them somewhere the light from the house won’t hit them too much.

My plant that’s in the bale of hay is an auto. She’s just gonna have to figure out that life’s just kind of f#ck@d up and she’s gonna have to live with the whole “what the hell is up with the lights around here” mentality. I’ve unscrewed the light on the exterior of the house that’s only about five feet from where the bale is. That’s about all I can do.

My in-the-ground plants are actually planted in very specific places.

There is a bright-ass street light right across the street from my house! And my across the street neighbor has these blinding LED lights that automatically light up the front of his house (and part of my driveway) when someone drives up HIS driveway. So the plants that have tomato cages are there because there are trees or bushes that block the light from the streetlamp or my neighbor’s blinding lights. Oh! And that spot by the yellow bush is a good place to plant also.

That’s exactly what I think. There are, indeed, other measures that I take to mitigate artificial light…I just do my best to figure out a spot that gets the least amount of not-sunlight! And if they get a surprise of light, I’ll just have to live with it.


Spiral 1

Day 75

It’s starting to look like these two might be harvested in a week or two.

Day 45

This poor baby is just a freak. But I love her.

Spiral 2

Day 43

I trimmed the first node leaves and branches off yesterday (I think). I also took the fan leaves off the 4th and 5th nodes.

And then I promptly broke one of the ISK’s 4th node branches almost completely off. Sh!t! So I duct taped back up.

Baby auto-Zkittles has some catching up to do.

Spiral 3

Day 12-ish

If anybody’s wondering, it only took 1 bag of FFOF [38.5 Quart (1.5 cu ft)] to fill those GroBuckets like you see them now.

I transplanted the other two ISK babies into 3 gal pots. That plastic pot has 4 holes in the bottom of it. So I drilled 8 more holes in the bottom. Both pots are filled with FFOF and each pot also got 3 (9 oz cup) scoops of perlite mixed in.

I’m just leaving them outside from now on. They’ll get a 2L bottle dome at night to protect them like everyone else has.

Dottie 2: Bale Baby (Wedding Cake)

Day 8-ish

I to get some tie-down straps and cinch the bale back together (kinda). Everything I tied together last year was unraveling.

She also gets a cheese ball dome to protect her at night. I swear, I’m not growing in straw again next year.



@Josh1 Here’s my current autoflower journal.