OlyBoy grows autos Summer 2021

Pretty good instructions for not knowing how to roll….but that’s another thread entirely :sunglasses::+1:t2:

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Spiral 2

Spiral 3



This week has kicked my ass. I had to go into the office for five days in a row! There are some perks working from the office. I missed working from home. Anyway…

Spiral 2 (and the bale of straw)

The Zz looks good. I’m not sure why it’s tiny.

Spiral 3

That’s Thing 1 (ISK) on the orange bucket. And I’m revegging the Wash I just harvested (sitting on the railing

Crap. I just remembered I forgot to get a picture of Thing 2’s pink pistils. brb

Mud said one of her aunt-parents was a Poison Breath that also had pink pistils.

@BigMommaC How are things on your side of the mountain? You getting any rain? We ain’t had nothing in a long time.



Full Disclosure: I have been using CannaGuard on two of my ISK plants. The Spiral 2 ISK and Thing 1.

At the end of April I was sent me three bottles of CannaSoil and 2 bottles of CannaGuard (foliar spray) from Erik Manuga. I’ve been using the CannaSoil as directed pretty much since the beginning. I stopped using the CannaGuard as soon as S2 went into flower. Thing 1 has continued getting the foliar spray after going into flower. I had no intent of ever smoking Thing 1 because I didn’t know exactly what was in the foliar spray.

Erik wanted me to write reviews and provide data and numbers. Stuff that was already in my other journal (over there).

I asked him to send me more information on the ingredients/chemical analysis of his products we were testing. This is what he sent me.

The “lab report” page from Beta Analytics looked sketchy (at best). When I took a snip of the lab report that had Plant Fodder’s company name on it, the Plant Fodder company name disappeared and the name of the company that had the lab work done was revealed.

Whaddya know? Even the font matches!

I bring this up now to let everyone know what’s going on. If you or anyone you know is using any products from Plant Fodder or Ocean’s Technology Group, I’d just ask that you do your own research.

I failed to do my due diligence a few months ago.

There is a LOT more to this story. If you want to know more, come find me somewhere else and ask for more info.


The plants look healthy a green. Some nice flowers man. That last photo looks mighty mighty good :slight_smile: mmm mmm…
Great work!

Happy growing…


@OlyBoy98503 put panty hose over the tube of vacuum and go over the area if u find it it will be stopped by panty hose. Lol.


We had some rain last night!!! HALLELUJAH!!! First time since end of may? Early june? PHEW! We needed it! I couldn’t see across the block due to all the smoke!


I don’t understand the lab data :thinking: someone’s lying about their company?


Kinda looks like they are using the data from the polymer company and passing it off as their own. But their website makes it sound like maybe they are using that polymer in their product. Strange marketing either way. Very technically worded and I’m guessing they aren’t American. Don’t mean anything by that except some of the wording doesn’t seem native US.


What’s up, beautiful people!

It’s another gorgeous Sunday in the great state of Cascadia! (Go Doug!)

Time to get the measurements on the girls.

Spiral 2

Day 93!

61… 62" or thereabouts

Day 62

Z2: 20" (+2") At least she’s still growing!

Spiral 3

Day 62

I3: 43" (+1")
Z3: 33" (+0")
W3: 28" (+1")

T1: 44" (+5")
T2: 34" (+0")

Bale (WC): 28" (+2")



(Sorry about the drama yesterday. It’s over. I said what I was going to do and I’m not doing anything more than that. I’ll forgive, but I won’t forget. Time to move on.)


I know you are done talking about this, so I am not going to ask you to. I have seen enough to know I have seen too much. Buyer beware! It’s just a shame that there are knuckleheads out there trying to take advantage of good folks growing a great plant. Keep up the good grow and giving us great information and pictures!
Peace Oly- oh, always have a back up pipe, vape, bong, etc. But you still did a good job on that joint!


So I’m in week 8 of veg and plant to go another 4 weeks in veg. I have the 600 Rspec, and was wondering how intense the light should be at this point. Out of 9 clicks on the controller I’m on the 5th click. Just wondering if I should save some intensity for the flowering stage or just give it to em all now. Thanks growmies in advance.


If you’re at the 5th spot now, I would hold it there till the last week you intend to veg. Turn it up 1 click on the first day, then another maybe 5 days later. The plants benefit most from getting blasted with light from the few days leading up to transition, through the flower stretch and for the first few weeks of early flower. Then the idea is to lower the intensity of the light a little for the remainder of flower similar to the way the sun gets towards harvest time for outdoor.


yeah I was wondering that too. I don’t know sh!t about lights like that!

W00T! Thanks for the save, Jake!


@OlyBoy98503 Hey man. I just tagged you in another thread about lights and how to set them up for optimal performance based on plant growth stages.


It’s Friday! High-day! I heard a story that OlyBoy doesn’t Ph his water.

I still don’t this plant is a failure. I think she’s just a slow starter.

It’s true.

I even failed at buying my first ph meter this past week. I think I have a witness around here somewhere.

I pretty sure none of you care a bit. But when I respond to someone’s question or concern on another thread, it’s easier not to respond than have to say “but you have to go to Hogwarts for the pH question.”

Well that was fucking weird.


Yo dude I don’t bother with the sh!t either after reading some crazy ferked up numbers on many different threads….

Just no



I only wanted to buy a ph meter because I thought magic water came out of my faucets


i don’t have time for ferked up numbers. No numbers, no problems.


I always check my ph faithfully at least three times a year :laughing: