Oly’s counter top (long term seedlings and clones)

So I dug up New Wash last night to move her.

The roots growing through the mesh pot looked really good and held a bunch of the soil. I knocked most of the soil and roots off.

I partially burried the pot in a big saucer filled with S#4 mix

And I plan on keeping her in this covered spot that doesn’t get much as much light until 08/20 (when we start receiving less than 14 hr’s of sunlight) and then I’ll half bury the pot in the newly vacated spot where S2 WC was planted so she can finish flowering in full sunlight.




It’s been 72 days since flipping to 12/12. She’s finishing faster than her sister did. It has also been quite a bit warmer so far this spring/summer. Probably gonna harvest most of her this weekend.

@zee I used different nutes last year. She’s not showing as much gold in the leaves, but her flowers look so much better than last year’s clones. What nutes are you using now for your girls?

New Wash

Trying to trigger an early flower by decreasing the amount of sunlight she gets.


@Growmedic Here’s my photoperiod plants. These are actually all clones of the same plant that’s been growing for almost 2 yrs. I don’t know what the strain is (that’s why we call it Wash), but it’s a very forgiving plant and they have put up with a lot of stupidness on my part.



She is still very beautiful!

Am using Jacks 321 at full strength every watering.

What kind of high is she, head or body?


I’d say body.
Great pain reliever.
It’s calming without making me too sleepy.
(that’s why I want to harvest most of it this weekend. i’ll let the rest of the plant continue for a week or two to get black and I’ll see if there’s a noticeable difference in this plant with these nutes)
Perfect for after work.


Trunk pic

She ready to harvest. Probably tomorrow.



I harvested Wash on 07/25 (yesterday). Instead of posting pictures again, here’s a link to a post that already has the info.

Harvested at 342 g, wet weight. Yay!

And since I got nothin’ goin’ on for a few months, I guess I’ll re-veg her again with a new designation (maybe 3.1.1). If I can, I’ll get a clone off of her and grow it on the counter over the winter.


Dry weight was 105 g. Pretty stoked.

Smoked a couple bowls of the dried calyxes after jarring. It actually smells kind of spicy this time. I don’t remember it smelling spicy before. It also has more of a body high than I remember.

New Wash

She’ll come back out on 08/19 when daylight dips under 14:00.

House Wash

I’m actually quite pleased with this Fox & Fern planter.