Oly’s counter top (long term seedlings and clones)

Yes. It is possible to harvest a photo and make it go back into veg and then regrow it. My outdoor grow project last summer was based on re-vegging one plant, and then cloning it over and over again and trying different growing techniques.

And this current journal is a clone taken off of one of these plants that was taken last July.

Here’s my secret…

For plants in veg, I’ll leave then out as soon as the night time temps consistently stay above the low-40s. But it has been way to humid at night to leave the plants that are in flower outside at night. That’s one of my first big lessons of this spring. I’m still tracking night time humidity to see when I can resume leaving all of my plants outside without risking bud rot.

I know. It can be intimidating. I just wanna keep it simple.

Haha right ?!? In case you cared SO much that not only would I tag you in it… ID POST IT ON YOUR POST! Boom! Can’t miss it now (even if you wanted to new mwahaha)

That is a lotta work for pond muck! But I love the organic and free as hell feel to it all hah
I have a creek running through my backyard. I wonder if it needs to be stagnant-ish or if the silt from the bed would work too :thinking: just don’t wanna pack her full of sand. SO MANY TECHNIQUES TO TRY! So little time…

Ooh! That’s pretty darn simple! I’m not sure I could keep a room warm enough for them to be out in the open. We love it mid to low 60s at night lol
Im afraid of stretching again when they’re outside. I feel like the sun is waaaaay further away than my lamp is and not as strong. :rofl::rofl: maybe it’s cuz I gave her sun through a window that it didn’t work as well as straight sun. I shoulda buried Jill like halfway up her stem when I transplanted. Lol

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Awesome thanks! Got it done! :+1::+1:

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Day 22





Day 25 since flipping.

I want to compare this year’s clone with one of her sister clones from last year.

2020: here are two of last year’s clones . Spud is the smaller of the two and is on the right. This pic was taken on Day 1 after flipping.

2021: Here is this year’s clone on Day 1

2020: Here they are on Day 25

2021: Day 25

2020: Top and bud

2021: Top and bud

This year’s clone is a little larger and not quite as purple yet. Factors being different soil & nutes, less rain, and maybe better training/defoliating.



Very very nice and green world you live in :green_heart::sunglasses::v:

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Trimmed a little. You can see through her again.



It really is beautiful here!




Day 36



Day 38

I’m not sure of which clone will get repotted to be a mother plant.



Day 40



Some of the plants branches were already drooping from the weight of the flower. I can tell which other branches are not far behind. I have to have something more manageable for carrying/moving.

So I trimmed the bottom third off of a 42" tomato cage and released all the training ties off of the plant. Then I fought with this plant for an hour trying to stuff and tie everything loosely in place. I know one or two branches cracked real good. And now I’m facing sundown/plant bedtime. But here’s where I’m at now.


90 degrees clockwise.


One more side

and back to the front.

Now I have to wait a few days and make sure she’s okay with it all. And I know some of those ties to the cage have to be re-tied soon/eventually.

Technique Points: 1 out of 10. Do not recommend.



Day 42

She looks much better this morning.

I’m so glad to get rid of the binder clips.

And she’s also a lot easier to carry around now.

She got .5 gal of water and nutes this morning when she came out of her closet.



Day 44

And here’s the next clone!

New Wash

This one’s just going to stay outside and grow/flower as the sun tells her to.