Oly’s counter top (long term seedlings and clones)

Left to right: Ray (2.1.1), Rebel (clone attempt from Ray), and Shawty.

Ray is a clone of Zero (2.1) that was cut back in the third week of July (~5 mos ago).

She got tall enough that she was touching the under-cabinet light, so I cut her in half and now the top half is in the Star Wars Rebels cup: Rebel (

Shawty is a Sunset Sherbet plant that didn’t want to grow at first, then she didn’t want to die. So she’s been sitting on the counter since she didn’t get a big pot ( back on 11/1). Tonight she got a transplant from a 9 oz cup to an 18 oz cup (more info below). She’s in the Hello Kitty cup.

These plants are generally ignored. They get watered sometimes. That counter top light is on 24/7. I just want to keep one of the Wash plants alive long enough so I can grow a couple of Wash plants next summer. I want to keep them small and alive long enough to bring them back to life in March (about four more months.


My double cup plants.

Cut a bunch of holes in a cup.

Wrap some foil on the bottom to catch the soil/mix.

Drop the Solo cup in the double cup, soil/water the bottom.

Grab seedling

Then fill the cup. Gently water if necessary.

These Solo cups have about a 1/2” gap from the double cup. I drop a pebble in the double cup to ensure separation for watering.

When I need to water, I lift the Solo cup out and put the water in the double cup and drop the solo cup in the water to suck it up.


The pink cup has been in the big girl lights for the last week.


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The plant in the blue cup is now in a black cup.

The plant in the pink cup is with her Sherbert sister now.


It’s about time to stretch our legs again.



Bend over and touch your toes!


The right-angle bender was a little too heavy for this little plant, so I took it off.

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Could someone move this thread over to the Grow Journal section?

please and thank you


Done my friend, enjoy!


She’s a bit droopy right now. I haven’t been able to quit messing around with her for the past week or so.

I need to learn when to leave the plants alone. :joy:


Poor little thing. She was root bound and didn’t like being transplanted, or having her stem snapped, or forced to train.


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@Zee My next to the last Wash clone.

I totally forgot about updating this thread.

Here she is



Look at the trunk of a stem! Wow! I bet her roots are miles long! How thick is that stem? Bic lighter? That is beautiful Oly! Set to watch this. Stop holding out on her :slight_smile: she is gorgeous!

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By the way I got 3 sprouts, was wanting 5, regardless. I will need help training them.

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Something I find it kind of amazing is that she smells like Smarties candy like her sisters all smelled like last summer.

As soon as the sun hits her leaves, the whole porch smells like candy.

I didn’t really think it would be different, but I’m kind of thrilled that she’s looking like all of the other Wash plants last summer.

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About thiiis big…

@Arrow Pretty good for being 9 months old?



Sounds like you got her downwind from you, that is a retirement view you have off that balcony.

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Penny fucking stem thick, don’t see that everyday!

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Very nice trunk porn right there :point_up_2: job well done Oly …:sunglasses::v:

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She needed some thinning out. So I took off a half dozen branches and popped off 20 (or so) bud sites.

Gonna flip as soon as the rest of the plants don’t need the closet any more.

She’s looking great now!