Oleskool830 pitches a tent

Greetings my fellow Cannafarians. We put our house on the market last summer so I was kicked out of my nice, air conditioned grow space and relocated to a 4X4 tent in my backyard shed. Three strains here.
Gorilla Giz_gorilla glue #4/Giz (white fire/afghan), L.A.Confidential, and C99/Romberry.
400 watt HPS. 1000 watts HPS for last 4 weeks.
Feeding MegaCrop, Big Bud, Bud
Candy. Overdrive.
Happy Frog w/20% perlite
6.0 PH Oxygenated tap water.


A peek inside the tent at lights out this evening.


Those are some awesome strains you got going! The only one I have sampled myself is the Gorilla Glue. That Cinderella 99 is on my dream list to grow someday (and smoke). I think I’m going to order the LA Confidential from ilgm on my next purchase with Gorilla Glue. Too funny. Anyway enjoy! You got some home run hitters in your lineup.


Thanks @neckNflu! Glad you stopped in. Going to be dropping in 2nd light at the end of this week. The Gorilla Giz is a cross of GG#4 and Giz (white fire and Afghan) A beast so far! See ya around my friend.


A second light would be awesome. Very cool. Thank you very much I appreciate the words. Enjoy your grow!

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After a 2-3 days of LITFA, kids got a big meal of 550ml of 4gr per gal MegaCrop, 10ml BigBud, 10ml Bud Candy, in 6.0 PH oxygenated tap water. Every one happy.

Didn’t post pics of every one, they all start to look alike. Haha! :cowboy_hat_face: