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Time for the weekly update. Both plants are coming along good. Both growing at a good clip. Quick recap. The larger plant is an Acapulco Gold photo. I flipped the lights to 12/12 about 2 1/2 weeks ago. Buttons are forming nicely. This plant is in Kind Soil and FF Coco Loco. Here are the pics for the week.

This one is the LSD auto. It is in Great Lakes Water Only soil. It is doing good so far.


Looking good!


Time for the weekly update. Been a good week so far. The plants are looking great to me. I did a foliar spray on the LSD plant. I put 1/2 tablespoon of epsom salt in my spray bottle and soaked the top and bottom of the leaves real good just before lights out 4 days ago. When I had my chat with Tommy from the Detroit Nutrient company he said when using LED lights the plant does not uptake Magnesium properly and that doing a spray would help in this regard. You can judge from the pics but I think the plant really took off when I did that. For the most part I have left both plants alone and let them do their thing. I have done some trimming on the Acapulco Gold plant but none on the LSD yet. I will do some this weekend. I am currently brewing a organic tea to give to the LSD plant Friday morning. I am excited to see what it does as the plant has started to flower. I also dropped a Glue Gelato seed in water on Monday. Put it in a wet paper towel on Tuesday and it has a taproot today. I will put it in dirt tomorrow. For these 3 plants I will not do any fimming or topping. I felt it was important to see how the plant grows on it’s own and figure what I should do starting on the next grow. I am pretty sure my next photo will be topped. This Acapulco Gold is a monster. She is just a hair under 35" and has tons of bud sites coming along nicely. These 2 plants have been very satisfying to grow so far. The first 4 plants I grew were very short. These are both a lot larger that the first ones. Well here are the pics for the week.

As you can see both plants show a good amount of growth in the last week. The LSD auto has impressed me a bunch. Can’t wait to see what the tea does to help the flowers along. Stay safe and stay high. :beers: :beers:


Hey @Nicky here is my second grow journal with the new stuff I have going on. Again thanks for everything.

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I missed my update last week. I had a lot going on. The AG plant has had some issues and I wasn’t sure if it was going to make it or not. I had a good amount of leaves turning yellow and some curling up too. When it first started I was sure it was because I was under watering. So I gave her a heavy watering. In hindsight I was wrong. The leaf issues just got worse. This is a water only grow and I don’t have any nutes. I do have the ingredients for organic teas. My next thought was to top dress the plant with some worm castings and bat guano and water again. But I was afraid it would not be good to water again so soon. I had 3 plants hanging in the drying tent and could not start brewing the tea yet. So I decided to wait it out and start the tea once the plants were done drying knowing they would be real thirsty since the tea has to brew for 3 days. The tea was done today and I watered both plants with it at a solution of 1 part tea and 2 parts water. The ingredients in the tea are worm castings, organic unsulfered molasses, alfalfa meal, sea bird guano, and bat guano. I took some of the sludge and top dressed the AG plant and added the tea. It seems to have perked up and is looking better. I took 50-75 yellow and wilting leaves off her. Even with the issues she showed the bud sites continued to get bigger and you can see trichs now too. Hopefully she pulls through. The smaller plant is an LSD auto. She has been doing good all along. The LSD plant is my first run with Great Lakes Water Only Soil. So far so good. So here are some pics after getting the Acapulco Gold cleaned up and after the shot of tea.

I know it still looks unhealthy but we will see how she does.
Here is the LSD auto.

Moving along in early flower. I will do another update this weekend with how the AG plant is coming along. This is my first photo and I really hope she makes it. Stay safe and stay high. :beers:


Lookin good my friend. I have no likes to leave already this morning. WTF. If your other plant is close to harvest, they will start to consume themselves as nutrients are backed off :+1: :v:


Time for the weekly update. The large plant is an Acapulco Gold that is in Kind Soil and FF Coco Loco. It had some issues with yellowing leaves and curling up leaves. I gave it an organic flower tea and watered it yesterday with some molasses mixed in. It is better than it was but still not optimal. I think she will make it to the end though. She is the largest plant I have grown so far. 36" tall. I might have to yo yo a few of the branches as she is starting to lean a bit. She is starting to get frosty too. I flipped her to 12/12 on 7-18.

This one is an LSD auto that is in Great Lakes Water Only Soil. She is doing great. She is up to 22" tall and the flowers are coming along. She also got some flower tea and molasses. This one is 7 weeks old.

And finally the youngster. This is a Glue Gelato. This one is 18 days old. She will be transplanted into 3 gallon bag this weekend with Great Lakes soil too.

My last 3 plants are still curing. I have snuck some and the Glue Gelato is a good uplifting buzz that tastes great so far. And the LSD is a heavy hitter. I get pretty couch locked with this one so far. Both are pretty smooth and I have gotten good feedback from the few who have tried them. Stay safe. And stay buzzed. :beers: :beers:


So far my growing plan has been a wing and a prayer. I started 4 plants with no idea what I was doing. I still only have a little bit of a clue but I am getting there. I have put a lot of thought into what to do next. So far for my next run I plan on doing 4 photo plants. I will keep using the Great Lakes Water Only living soil. I have done 1 batch each of veg and flower organic teas. I think they really make a difference. I have also learned that using LED lights like I have that the plants do not get magnesium like they should. So once a month doing a foliar spray with epsom salt really helps. I really like the idea of all organic growing. I am currently working on the plan for week by week what I will do on my next grow. It looks pretty solid so far. I know that flexibility will be needed depending on what the plants tell you. When I get closer to dropping the seeds for my next grow I will post the plan and see what input I get .


Nice work there!

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I transplanted the Glue Gelato today. I think this is the first time I waited long enough and had no problem getting the plant out of the solo cup and was able to get Mykos on the root ball as it was solid. This plant is also in Great Lakes Water Only. This one is in a 3 gallon smart pot cloth bag. I want to see what I can get out of an auto in a smaller bag. Maybe save a buck or two on dirt. The Acapulco Gold has still been showing some signs of stress. I think it is about 2 weeks out from harvest. Pistils are getting about 50 percent dark. I watered them yesterday and put a top dressing on it of worm castings and alfalfa meal. It seemed to help but we will see.

I got a good deal on a fan last week and I got it mounted yesterday. It is a 12" osculating fan. I think it will help get better movement in the tent. And here are all 3 I have going right now. I also pulled all the plants out of the tent for a couple hours yesterday and cleaned the floor and walls. Re did a couple hangers and got the tent in good shape. :beers: :beers:

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Alright it is time for the weekly update. The plants are doing good. I did have issues with the Acapulco Gold. It still has some yellowing and curling leaves but it is progressing through flower. The buds are good sized but not as dense as I would like. I think the issues it had caused some of this. It will be good when I am able to diagnose things better. I really think the Kind Soil just ran out of gas and I reacted to slow. After I gave it a shot of organic tea it bounced back better than I thought it might. The LSD plant is doing well. It is an auto and is flowering nice. The Glue Gelato is doing real good so far. I transplanted it over the weekend and it is growing nice. I continued the maint on the grow room and got things cleaned up and organized. It is nice walking in there again. Well here are the pics for the week.

This is the Glue Gelato. Growing pretty fast.

This is the LSD. Doing good but as you can see I had the lights to strong and close for a little too long.

This is the Acapulco Gold. A couple different colas. Pistils are about 60% dark. I hope it goes another 2-3 weeks and bulks up some more. But overall not bad.


P.S. I meant to put this in the post above. The Acapulco Gold has been flowering for 56 days. The LSD plant is 8 weeks old. And the Glue Gelato is 25 days old.

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Time for the weekly update. My weeks seem to keep getting busier and busier. As far as the plants go it has been an ok week. The Acapulco Gold is getting close but still not as robust as I had hoped. I think I may have figured out an issue I have with my water. I have a carbon filter hooked up to my source. So I normally go and get my water and adjust the ph and water the plants. Last week I waited to water the small plant a day longer than the rest and when I checked the ph it was high and I had to adjust it down again. So for the watering today I filled up the bucket yesterday morning. Adjusted the ph, checked it a few hours later and it was back up again. So I did this once more before bed and when I checked it this morning it had gone up a little but not a lot. So at lunch I checked it again and it had held from the last adjustment. Then this evening I checked it again and it still held. So I need to leave water stand about 24 hours before using. So I will see if that helps. The LSD plant has started to show brown spots on her leaves. I am thinking this might be due to the water issue. The youngest plant has grown quite a bit this week. I probably should have set it on a stand to get it higher as it has stretched quite a bit. Well enough babbling here are the pics for the week.

This is the Glue Gelato in Great Lakes Water Only Soil and a 3 gallon bag. It is 4 weeks old.

This is the LSD. It is 9 weeks old.

This is the Acapulco Gold that is in Kind Soil and FF Coco Loco. Also a couple of the colas. And this one had a weird taproot. It came out of the ground with a huge bend in the stem. There are a good amount of amber trichs on the leaves and just a few on the buds. I am thinking about another week until she is ready for the dark.


bee uu ti ful!!! awesome.

The two I have growing now were having some issues with spots and yellowing leaves. Seems that I was overwatering. Spaced my watering to once a week and plants are looking much better now. PH will drift when water sits after adjusting PH.

Hey how are you doing? You are using 5 gallon bags, right? So when watering once a week how much do you give them? Thanks.