Older large leaves yellowing in flower...Septoria? Nutes? (pics)

The largest oldest leaves are starting to yellow a bit on the edges and light yellow mottled spots (hard to see in the pics but apparent when the leaves ore backlit). Started about 10 days ago. I sprayed with a water, baking soda, veg oil and dish soap thinking it is septoria. It seemed to slow or halt the process but seems to be returning (the soda solution probably needs to be reapplied if its septoria or I need to get an antifungal). Maybe it’s something else? Too much light? Too much/little nutes?

Bag seed.
Indoor led/outside on nice days.
2gl pot
Organic generic soil
Fox Farm Bloom ferts
3 weeks into flower

Spraying the leaves often damages them. I would check for pests too. The water causes burn spots on the leaves. If you’ve been spraying for awhile this may have caused the die off of those leaves.

I’ve only sprayed once using the soda solution and only misted with water once while it was in veg. I’ve also used a powdered pest control and haven’t seen any bugs. I was thinking that since they are older original leaves they may be naturally dying off through the flowering process but it seems a little early for that.

The smaller newer leaves aren’t showing any signs and flowering doesn’t seem to have changed…yet. Just trying to get ahead of it, if its anything at all.

Could be natural die off then. It’s difficult to say how often leaves get sprayed from looking at one picture. I saw some spots on the leaves so it could be residual from when pesticides was applied. Just take a look for pests just in case if it’s not residual.