Old topic new question about seeds in water 1 week but no tails

Ok have not had any luck with these seeds. The beans popped but no tails ( been in water 8 days). It seems like this is an issue as these beans were replacing some beans that had the same problem.

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Left in water they will rot.
After 24 hrs its best to place in a damp paper towel or just plant them.
They cracked so there was nothing wrong with the seeds.

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@Esbliss don’t no if it will do anything but take them and put them between two paper towels and just give the towels a mist or two and let the paper towels draw out some of that water and check it in like 4-6 hours if it needs more water on the paper towels spray again up to you just a thought

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Thank you for the advice. I’ve taken all three out of water and put them in paper towel. I’ve sprayed the towel with water.

Thank you for your advice! I’ve already taken out of the glass and have them in the towel. I’ve used the paper towel for getting beans to sprout in the past.

No problem glad I could share some thoughts always want to see someone have the best harvest they can happy growing :v: