Old timer looking to start again

Hello to you all from a fella down under thats having a crack at indoor after a 10 or so year layoff.
Looking to share my grow & hoping for some tips to keep this ship afloat.

Tent is a seahawk 4 x 4 x 6
Single 10 inch fan for exhaust , with a carbon filter attached.
A Spectrum King LED 120 Degree SK402 [400W] is the indoor sun.
I have small fans for strengthening.
It is winter here atm , and the min max variant for temp is 20 - 25 degrees C.(summer is to hot in my area for indoors)
The humidity variant is 40 - 60 %
I have them on a 20 - 4 cycle atm & i am using House & Garden Cocos Starter Kit.
I have 4 gorilla glue feminised seeds bought from here , they are 4 weeks or so old ,they are still in 5 inch pots , but are short & stout, would love to share some photos with you , see what everyone thinks

So I started them under a led panel light , 4000k or so , but cool & after 2 weeks this is them

12 days later , now under the sk 402

A further 4 days later and they are going sideways , but are still short.

I mean short , they are still only 6 inches tall.Noy sure whats going on tbh.
Hope this post makes sense , brains all over the place atm.

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Welcome @magicbean glad your here!

Move the light up to allow them to stretch for it a bit if you want them to. Also looks like they are ready for transplant. Are these autos or photos? Looking good BTW.

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@Jbum is correct. Raise your lights some. It does seem to be a good light, nice node spacing

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Did you get the dimmer option? If so, I’d turn it down to about 50%

30057 30040 30028


Thanks jbum I will raise the light , after transplanting them & they are photos

Mate they didn’t have the dimmable option at my grow shop , thinking of contacting the manufacturer and seeing if it can be retrofitted. Will let you know the outcome.

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How high you got it?

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Oh I’m pretty high

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Welcome! Looks awesome so far!

So initially the light was approx 3 feet above the canopy , so I raised it to its max , which is around 5 feet .

All those measurements are based on the small pots they were in.
I have been to my local shop & organised the dimmer , its coming from the states so it will be at least 2 - 3 weeks before it arrives.

But since my last post I have transplanted all four into there final pot - a 23L , or roughly 5.5 gallon pot & after a quick gander this morning I can say they havent shocked at all.The roots were nice and white , plentiful and fortunately they werent root bound, although they were mighty close.
here in there new home :

So over this weekend the plans are to get the res in & the irrigation system set up all in preparation for the screen to go in sometime over the next week.Ill get som better shots later today.


@Bogleg uses cobs I believe and runs scrog, he can help with any questions

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I’m tracking. I do use COBs and have done a few SCROGs.

Great looking girls! I was the same as you last year. Old guy who hasn’t grown in 15 years. Because of all the help here I haven’t a true failure yet!! Just got impatient with my first grow.

Welcome from a Yank. Good luck.

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Thanks mate , but of an update , I installed a drip feed system , which I immediately regretted , not enough coverage, so I ripped that out and installed hydro halos instead and believe this will give me the coverage I think the girls need.

Net to go on in a few days .

So the nets been in for a week
Started like this

Now it’s like this

and I’m going to switch it to 12 12.
Thoughts ?


Welcome to the community awesome looking plants.

Looks great

Well few weeks into flower and can anyone confirm these are hermies. Uploading: 20190829_141853.jpg… Uploading: 20190829_141841.jpg…

Pics didn’t load @magicbean.