OLD THREAD: Created New Sheet


I just compiled this spreadsheet of ILGM strains. I used it to pick the 3 strains that I will order and grow next round. Thought maybe others could find it useful. Cheers!


thanks for the spread sheet @3high5you


Holy crap batsman pineapple haze 85 days for flower plus the stretch. 3 months plus. I’ll stop complaining about the GSCX being 70 days now. Dry and cure atlest 4 months.thats crazy.


I like it, thank you


Omgosh thank you! @3high5you I’ll be pouring over this with decisions to be made! The next grow comes up QUICK!


Please note that I only included strains that were “heavy hitters” which perform well indoors. If you are growing outdoors this info is not necessarily applicable.


Indoors here, so you’re good! @3high5you


Nice! @3high5you Thanks for sharing…


What an awesome idea! Thank you! @3high5you
Great job! It’s a huge help to me​:sunglasses::v:


You are Awesome! No longer do i have to go back & forth looking at this & that. Many of us will find it helpful! Good Job!


I like the spread sheet very much, but