Old stems and trim (leaves)... what to do with them?


After my last harvest I have a lot of trim and old stems… they are all dried. What should I or can I make with them?? Can I make Hash? Butter? All comments and suggestions are welcome! Thanks


Yep. I’m making crockpot cannabutter and also smoke the dried leaves. Heck that’s all we had in the 70’s😊 Others here can give you more ways. My first grow and I use everything except roots. As I continue with experiments over the winter I’ll share.


I’ve got my last harvests trim and and my trim from 2 harvests ago in the freezer ready for bubble bags whenever my lazy butt feels like making it.

I would think you could make hash, butter or anything else you desire.


I make tea,oil. Just use water or oil, oil meaning cooking oil of your choice as the base. Then boil low. I try to maintain 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Chop your product up and boil for about an hour for water and four hours for oil. Do not burn the oil!!! It will taste like you know what. Lol. Then strain leafs, stems, etc. For tea I add honey. But at this point your oil will be ready for use for any cooking receipts.KIMG0498KIMG0499


Can you give me a crock pot recipe? Or direct me to where I can find one please??


To make? A Crock-Pot is very nice for oil. It won’t burn. But it does need to be monitored.


I’m trying to figure out how to link you to one here. I’m somewhat technically challenged but will try to get you one. :blush:


Yep. And I use a mini crockpot :blush:


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@Ace2012 That recipe is my favorite recipe and definitely super easy to follow! I hope you enjoy it!!



@SmoknGranny @ktreez420 @Jmesser80 thanks a bunch for the replies! Sorry it took so long to reply…


How much trimming do you need for this recipe, minimum amount?


I used an ounce first batch but I’m thinking of going to an ounce and a half for next batch I’ve seen some folks have used 2 ounces. I used mostly fan leaves and little stems.


I used 4 ounces of trim and bud on my last cannabutter. Wife ate 3 brownies and took a bad trip, lol.


Ahhhh Good to know. That’s why I try to do new to me things in increments. Things have changed so much since the 70’s. Heck, we were happy to have leaves just to smoke and throw into a brownie mix :rofl:


I use bubble bags and make some really good hash. or use to make dabbs