Old seeds - Is this title long enough jfc

I found a stash of some really old seeds - probably 15 years at least. Some interesting stuff for sure - all Gorilla Glue crosses that a buddy made and sent to me. GG x Early Girl, GG x Early Pearl, GG x Purple (purple what? I dunno!)

Anyhow is it worth it to try and pop these beans? Will any resulting plants (long shot I know) be lacking potency?

I have no shortage of gear to grow and limited space so if its smarter to just trash em that’s what I’ll do.

How did you have them stored? I’d bet they’re bad though after 15 years…

Soak them in 1/2 cup water and 1.5 tsp peroxide for 24 hours and then paper towel them in a ziplock for 24 hours in total darkness and see if any tap roots show someone had 5 year old seeds in their glovebox and they germed up great so who knows

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Worth a shot!

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@Shaggy Stored in a bic pen with the ink thing removed which is how it was mailed to me 15 years ago. Who knows where its been since then. I suppose there isn’t much to lose.

Yea, cant hurt to try it.

I was reading somewhere about someone who developed a seed cracker, it will actually crack the seed for you so the seed can focus its energy elsewhere… interesting. I wonder if it really works.

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I had some 10-12 year old seeds that germinated but it did take a little longer than usual. Had them stored in a film canister, sitting in a drawer. They grew quite well actually. I was surprised. Hopefully yours do the same thing.

Good luck!

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