Old school reefer


Anybody ever grow the old pure landace strains. I grew up before the sense take over and hybrids. I used to love the really good Columbia Gold. I really miss the 35 an ounce price.


Those days were good with prices but not in quality, like 5-6% thc


It was good. I cut my teeth on it.


When I first started it was only $20 for an ounce and $15 for a lid. When the Panama Red came around the price went sky high to $60 an ounce.


I remember that red dope. That stuff was awesome. First time I smoked Thai that was considered the best there was. Hard to find.


You can buy landace strains still. So overjoyed tell.


You must be sixtyish.


Born June 1956 so will be 62 in June.


I knew it! Nice to know you young man.


What section of the country do you hail from?


North central Massachusetts


Wow. First person I’ve ever spoken to from there I think.


I have to look for an old picture I took many years ago with my buddies and a big bag of weed. lol


Does anyone remember those tiny tie sticks. You could roll a joint around them and then pull our the stick.


We’d smoke the stick to.


Really? I always took the sticks out.


Red be in a hurry to fire it up. Anxiety disorder.


It’s amazing how much pot has changed since those days.


Why are we chatting on two threads.


Lol, I know! :rofl: