Old school reefer

Anybody ever grow the old pure landace strains. I grew up before the sense take over and hybrids. I used to love the really good Columbia Gold. I really miss the 35 an ounce price.


Those days were good with prices but not in quality, like 5-6% thc

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It was good. I cut my teeth on it.

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When I first started it was only $20 for an ounce and $15 for a lid. When the Panama Red came around the price went sky high to $60 an ounce.

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I remember that red dope. That stuff was awesome. First time I smoked Thai that was considered the best there was. Hard to find.

You can buy landace strains still. So overjoyed tell.

You must be sixtyish.

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Born June 1956 so will be 62 in June.

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I knew it! Nice to know you young man.

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What section of the country do you hail from?

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North central Massachusetts

Wow. First person I’ve ever spoken to from there I think.

I have to look for an old picture I took many years ago with my buddies and a big bag of weed. lol

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Does anyone remember those tiny tie sticks. You could roll a joint around them and then pull our the stick.

We’d smoke the stick to.

Really? I always took the sticks out.

Red be in a hurry to fire it up. Anxiety disorder.

It’s amazing how much pot has changed since those days.

Why are we chatting on two threads.

Lol, I know! :rofl: