Old school pure landrace strains


I will for sure man this one here was from the mixed bag :briefcase:


Definatley for shore, we all know it was the strain that started the thai stick, and the curing and wrapping made it insane. There are sites that claim to have the beans and then don’t ship to u.s. so to have some landrace handmedowns would be so trick, hope you got the stuff.


@dbrn32 the only two that were in stock was chocolope, and golden tiger. Some of the others might get restocked. Never know. That was just one seed bank I checked. I might find it at one other one I know about.


I’m not sure who carries sorry. My guy said there are a few random people that will get stuff like that and advertise on IG. Otherwise very few breeders that sell through banks have it.


No worries. I found them, it might just be awhile before they come back in stock. I could send an email to them and ask, but I can wait. @dbrn32


We’ll catch up on this more later. Maybe(hopefully) tonight.


Out of likes @dbrn32 sounds good. I’ll look forward to it.


@Meatpickle have you checked out this site ?


Have some old school that I have been growing for 25 years. 100% germination and 100% female. Grow outdoors, no problem with bugs and I usually plant 5 or 6. The beauty part is every year one of the plants will seed out. Basically self cloning with the plant doing all the work! Fairly mild, tasty and a not to severe head rush. Think I will call it No Name Brand.

Only in BC, eh?



some good ole Colombian, Acapulco Gold, Maui Waui, Panama Red, and even some 4 finger Mexican reefer (that was all we could get), and of course some primo blond Lebanese hash, ovular shaped still in the cloth sleeve. am growing the four hooch strains right now.


I just had some Acapulco Gold a couple weeks ago. One grower here in town grows it with about 8-10% thc, 15%+ cbd. Not super potent, but great for pain.


generally that strain has a high thc content and a relatively low cbd. maybe you should consider growing yer own, eh? :sunglasses:


They grow it specifically for the high CBD pheno, I think. I haven’t seen out any other way here, in flower form, anyway.


that’s too bad. i snagged some through seedsupreme–a gold variant and very nice indeed


Man I hear you brother, I live down south close to the boarder in America. there was periods in my life that I had no clue there was any other type of smoke period.


Here is one for you @Hungrybud


Thanks for thinking of me mate, been looking at the Cannatonic strain also, which bank has the Acapulco Gold that ships to Australia only if you know off hand.

thanks again


A quick google search of “Acapulco Gold seeds to Australia” comes up with a few possibilities. Forum rules prohibit posting links, but one is called kiwiland.