Old school pure landrace strains


This is the second business day. @TDubWilly I wasn’t too concerned about it. Maybe tomorrow?


Tag me anywhere over in this forum tomorrow evening if nothing has happened yet @Covertgrower.

If not I’ll immediately take it to mac g


At least 3.


You want something thai or at least thai based? I should probably have something for you by time you get email haha


That’s was wicked man


Lol glad you enjoyed it buddy



I’m still chasing down monkey paw, I’m in michigan, but to find it is crazy. Some say it’s in detriot, but it isn’t true, and it has been so mixed up I don’t think it can be undone.


Keep us posted @Meatpickle I’m headed your way in a couple of months to reside there. If you find it, let me know the area, would love to pick some up to grow myself.


Yep will do gonna chase some clones of it to see, confidence is low it’s unmolested. I’m into some northern lights at the moment, dense, dank, with foot long buds, as it should be but the quest will go on, old heads unite! Ha ha


My sources say that Ace has some of the most traditional Thai genetics. To check out destroyer and golden tiger. And there’s a hybrid that is good too. Otherwise dna’s Chocolope suppose to have strong Thai influence too.


@Covertgrower aren’t you in Alaska?


Yes I am. @TDubWilly for at least a couple more months… :wink: not for long.


Long ways to move lol


I’ll check those, thanks again @dbrn32 off I go again. Lol.


@TDubWilly it is, but I only moved to AK, for a girl, now circumstances are different, and she wants to move back to my home state with me. Known her for 17 years remotely. And THAT is another story. Lol


@Covertgrower I was always in the belief that Alaska was like 25-1 men verses women…i.guess you were chasing the 1. Well maybe she will like four seasons instead of two. Look.forward to your move down here in the community.


Hey since your up there covertgrower, how about some true ATF, not the manitowoc stuff, a few of us just below the 45th parallel could use some quick nd hearty variety. That’s gonna be a hard one to find true beans of. What you think?


@Meatpickle without saying too much, I’m on an island, and most of Alaska is inaccessible to me. (Southeast AK) I might ask around before I leave to see what I can find. You never know. You bring up a good point.


Ive got some old seeds/strains from my older brothers from back in the 70s not to shore what they all are there mixed but have two aside that thay reckon are the original tigh stick!!!thay said came rapet in some leave with red string around it and back than it was the bomb and thay say it’s still probably the best smoke :dash: of there life’s even till this day!!just hope thay pop up there been in airtight containers in the fridge for all those years so we will see soon enough


Keep us posted, I’m curious as the rest of us on that one @Caosred