Old school pure landrace strains


Hey good evening! Me and a few friends were sitting around passing a few spliff of some of the awesome hybrids now available to us all thanks to iglm. But we are missing the old school landrace, true landrace, unmarked, like pure Colombian gold, Acapulco gold, Panama red. Now here’s one for you old heads, monkey paw… it came from Michigan and was 3 different landraces, anyone have information on this strain, as we would like to do some strain preservation. Anyone?






Wouldn’t mind some Oaxacan (spelling) and sensimilla (spelling) From way back there!


I think allot of peeps spell it that way now lol. Its actually two words in the Spanish language

“Sin” which means without
“Semilla” which means seed.

Sometimes the Spanish language will run two words together like “lavaplatos” which translated means dish washer but “Lava” means wash and “platos” means dishes or plates, so literally translated means “wash plates”. Well the same thing applies to this word and the actual spelling is “sinsemilla” but I hardly ever see it spelled that way lol.


I’m pretty sure you got this one right though lol and that’s a tough one :smiley:


That’s a wicked idea :bulb: man


Hey you! @TDubWilly I miss those way, way backs! Go check my journal out I harvested 2 of my winter grows. I wish I could add more people to my at’s Thanks for the info! I thrive on stuff like that:)


See exactly what I’m saying, where’s the retro dispensary. Ha


Sinsemilla Street :joy: saved that for later


OMG You Dating me Now, Just mean’s i’m Old
Would Love to grow some Panama Red, Only time in my life I got sick from smoking, 3 of us smoked a 1/2 oz of sift right before a Rush Concert
Or Panama Red Hash, Yummy
Colombian Gold, Acapulco Gold God them were good, Oh how about Purple Hawaiian
Zebra Hash
Blond hash with Stamp on from Lebanon
Tie Stick


Exactly, if we weren’t such stoners we would have seen the value in those bag seeds we threw out the car window, or popped while we were toking it up back then. I just went to see Def leopard, we aren’t as old as the rockers we grew up on…damn, they still got it, not all of it, but it was a great night.


So true ayy all the good old strains gone


@dbrn32 we discussed awhile ago about landrace strains. Which one would you want to try?
I’m recently on this kick of trying to find a few to grow. I found Malawi interesting and has a ridiculously long flower time.
Also no confirm email yet.


There’s some interesting stuff in here about “the pure ones” @Covertgrower


That would work, something like lambs bread or Sinaloan too. I don’t really care haha. I’m more of a sativa person, but I’d settle for just about anything the terpene profile hasn’t been walked all over.


@TDubWilly I did stumble across that breeders website, and they do not ship to the USA. So you’ll have to find a website that the breeder is affiliated with.
I actually watched that whole episode once. Lol.


@TDubWilly any reason you know of that these guys haven’t received confirmation email yet!


I have no idea. How many people are we talking about? @dbrn32


How many days have y’all been waiting?


@dbrn32 I’m off to hunt those strains you mentioned down… I agree with you on the sativa. It’s definetly my thing too. If it’s a hybrid, it still has to lean towards sativa. GSC can lean one way or another. I haven’t found one that leads to sativa side yet. I just got two free beans of them, maybe those will be it.
I have been searching for a Thai version of sativa. Purple haze is a hybrid of it.