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Good day fellow Canabis lovers. I recently purchased a house and began building my grow box in the garage. I have an upper and lower chamber, lower for seedlings and first stages of veg, then I move them to the upper chamber that has a higher ceiling height. It was kind of a grow as I go. I purchased my first seeds from ILGM (White widow, AK-47 and Bubble Gum. The WW and AK sprouted in 3 days on 12/5, the BB never popped. Not a big fan of BB anyway, I also have a seed from PX or Lemon OG, not sure because I didn’t separate them prior to germination. Time will tell. Long story short, I’ve followed the growing forum and the post and help you guys have provided and wanted to give a million thanks. Pictures are the WW and AK47 at 32 days old from sprout. The PX is 50 days old. Big shout out to Robert for some awesome feminized seeds, sprouted in 3 days and look very healthy. I’ll tag a few of you that I’ve been following to show my appreciation. One other plant is a sack seed I planted for the hell of it, but seems to be looking like a male. I’m switching the light schedule on the last 2 next week and plan on letting the WW and AK-47 beg another 2 weeks. Once again thanks for all the awesome post and suggestions posted to other growers!! Wanted to tag a few of you guys, but couldn’t figure that part out.
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Looking good. To tag someone put @ in front of their name, like this @OGIncognito. Good luck with the grow :+1:

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Thanks Dave

Welcome to the community. Nice start going there. This place is where you can ask any questions and there are so many great growers who are willing to help all growers including myself. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

Dave101explained how to tag growers. Thanks guys

Forgot to post the AK-47pics


Thanks thecount, in the past I’ve planted crappy sack seed and kept my fingers crossed?? Was restricted for the last 30 years due to my military career for growing and consuming gods gift to the world. Growing strictly for personal use, the military can you leave you damaged and I refuse to take any type of pharmaceutical drugs!thanks again for the words of support!


Plants look nice and healthy, good growing!

Looking good! I’m set to watching, thanks for the tag. :v::slightly_smiling_face:

Many thanks, I’ve been following your post and responses, a lot of help!

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Garage Grow update: AK-47 seems to be flourishing at 37 days old, any suggestions on removing the large fan leaves at this growth stage. The White Widow is struggling but showing signs of recovery after spilling nutes on the upper leaves and some light burn. The PX or Lemon Kush seems to be growing slowly?? The sack seed plant is at 55 days old but seems to showing signs of a male, pics attached on all and any suggestions on taking an AK clone and pruning would be appreciated. Order some Platonix coco plith that stated low ec’s in the range of 0.3-0.5?? Decided to mix and do a run off. Ec turned out to be 1.2. Flushed coco 4 times and now have an EC at .450 and PPM at 220. Does that seem to be within the range? Small plant is a clone taken from the PX or LOG 8 days ago.

Technic difficulty posting earlier with picsz


Forgot to tag.


Looking very nice. happy growing :rofl: :bat:

Looking nice and healthy! Great job.

Not seeing anything in that close up pic that shows male. It’s kind of blurry though

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Plants look good. Congrats on buying your house! You got some great growers tagged.

Thanks Capt Cola, Amazing growers and support indeed!

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Can you give us a little more info on your grow setup. Lights temp rh etc.

Thanks for the response Capt.Cola. As I mentioned previously it is a garage grow trying to be discreet as possible due to the less here.
-2 chambers (Wood framed with water proofing between the upper and lower chambers)
-Lower chamber for seedlings and early veg stages. Upper chamber is for final veg and flowering. 38” deep, 30” in width and a 40” ceiling by.
-Upper is the same but have a 58” ceiling ht.
-Wills 600 watt in the lower, 1000 watt in the upper with dimmer switch, still trying to figure out the light strength.
-circulating fans in both
-I wired in 2 high CFM bath exhaust fans for exhausting.
-6” intake and carbon filter for fresh air.
It’s a grow as I go, main purpose was to grow my own meds and other vets an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs. I’m a 20 year retired Marine and started smoking 7 years ago to combat ptsd, nightmares and insomnia after a fellow vet gave me some. I’m on a mission to help these guys and friends and family that suffer from seizures and pain. I’ll post some pics of the Garage Ghetto grow, you just have to not laugh :joy:. Garage power is an obstacle with only a 15 amp service, 30 amp re-wire in the making, insulation install for the upcoming winter months. I do have humidifiers and small 500 water thermostat controlled heaters that seem to keep temps at 72-78 with RH at 55-65. Hope I gave you a better picture of the grow and some of my challenges. Thanks again for asking, suggestions are always welcome!


Looks good!