Old potting soil


Been awhile since i posted a stupid question so i am due. Last year i bought an abundance of potting soil. I had already baked a year ago & de was added. Now im ready to use but it has bugs. Question is can i bake again? Will this kill all good stuff & will the de hurt if baked? Hubby wants to throw this out, but i say its dirt & itll be ok.


i’d say bake it again,and if you are worried about potency of soil…
add some newer soil in then bake…i hate throwing anything useful out @Laurap


I say if it’s already got bugs in it… why take the chance… unless your using it out doors… but I would not risk bringing critters into the house or my grow space… your call tho… good luck… :wink:

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Its an indoor grow. On one hand i want to keep it on the other hand dont want bugs in my tent


Throw it out @Laurap, it is not worth the risks. Unless you are talking about big $$$ you are just flirting with disaster with little up side that I can see.

Even the little gnats are too much for me to handle. I have considered purchasing soil in quantity when the price is good but have restrained myself. Your experience has confirmed it…I will buy soil as needed.
Bummer.:frowning_face: Thanks for posting this, I learned my first new thing for today.:writing_hand::+1:


Ok, yard gets new soil. Not chancing more bugs. :slightly_frowning_face:


Id use it, @BIGE got it right, bake it, add fresh if you need to or just add amendments to the soil and run with it! @Laurap


I’m recycling my old veggie garden soil and adding some new for just my spring veggies and flowers. I’m hoping to find some good potting soil locally once the local nurseries open for my autos. I did buy a few bags of ProMix Ultimate at the end of the season but it has time release nutrients so I’m hesitant to use it for MJ :slightly_frowning_face:


If it were me I would get new soil. I usually use new soil every grow and then use my old soil in my veggie garden.


Did you consider starting a compost with the soil?


Some great ideas to reuse this stuff


I’ve only done it for my outdoor garden, so never really worried about bugs much. But I’m sure you could turn in some de or probably other products and get rid of them.

To be honest, I’ve never really been into it. But my daughter that’s now 8 manages the compost on the weekends when she visits. She’s really into gardening. But she throws everything in there lol. Plus it’s a really good place for me to discard my used soil and plant waste when she’s not around. Then it ends up being her potting soil every spring.