Old mj seed plant

So here is a pic of an okl mj seed that I planted for fun
Imnpretty sure its a female and not much else.
What should I or can I do with this plant as far as pruning or making it less bushy.
I have no clue of the strain or anything about it.

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Please ignore the 4th photo.
Thats my cherrywine hemp plant.
I couldnt figure out how to edit post once it posted.

As far as making a plant not as bushy you can raise your light a little to stretch it out and skip the topping. Good luck

Decreasing the intensity of light by raising it or dimming it will make the plant stretch some. But she looks good to me, good node spacing even. I wouldn’t change a thing! :+1:

Update pics…old mj seed from baggie…

Cherrywine hemp