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Looking VERY good bro! Good growing going on. Loving the clones. They look good. N congrats again on the harvest


Congratulations on the harvest! I hope you give us a smoke report. Your ladies look beautiful.


Yes for the smoke report…got about 6 oz. off of 3 plants.
The Purple Haze, the one I split the stem on turned out the densest buds like you could not squeeze them…rock hard and great high …head high for several hrs.
The other SSH and Blue Haze were great also just not as dense, but am happy for 1st grow.
Soooooo on to the next grow and I am damn sure I will be drilling all 3 plants stems this time …

Also will be using coconut water in the next grow and a lot less clipping this go around…


Hey peeps
Was wondering what is out there for a 6 in. fan and filter system to control the order…moms says the last grow was way to stinky inside house…( I thought it was yummy) so anyways…I need some suggestions please am on a disabled budget but I need before next crop…thank you in advance


I’m tagging in @Budbrother and @dbrn32 for some suggestions :slight_smile:


I have hyperfan and ac infinity, I think both are very good. For filters the last couple I’ve bought were phresh, but I’ve also used can filters. I would recommend either of them. There may be some good options that are less expensive but I don’t have any experience outside of the models I’ve used.


I’ve been admiring the ac infinity for a replacement, but now I’m gonna have to look into hyperfan as well.


I use a carbon filter for the E/F along with passive odor control from Ona Gel. It doesnt smell like weed at all in the house.


Thanks for the info @hangthebanksters


Time for another update…
Have perpetual grow going on now…the first 3 pictures are 1 and 2 are clones but have strange leaf structures…all leaves are a single leaf or a 3 leaves been in veg. for awhile now but looks like still stretching, clones were taken from flowering plants…


This is also a clone that was taken off of a BH in veg. mode and looks normal

The next 3 pictures are of my SSH…PH…BH
they are2 days short of their 2 week stretch and are 10 weeks old.
First 2 are of my Mainline’s


And now for overhead pictures of the lady’s starting to bud up nicely…



It’s all set up for around 2 to 3 months per crop…
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Your clones with one and 3 fan leafs is normal. I also had this on my first attempt at cloning and thought something was wrong.
Your grow is looking good. Keep up the good work.


Pretty nice collection ya have them. Well done


Lookin great bro. You’re killin it :facepunch: those leaves are normal when reverting back to veg.
Keep doin what you’re doin :+1:


I concur with the others :+1:
Looking good


Everything looks great!


As if u need one more confirmation… those girls are looking good! The mainlines are gorgeous. And the clones are :+1:t5::+1:t5::+1:t5: As well. Keep it green man.


Way to mainline that whore! Make her yours! @skyroo1029


Just tagging along, very nice grow going on : )


Looking great! single and three finger leaves are normal when you re-veg a clone from flower. had mine planted for at least a month and just now starting 5 finger leaves.


Few pics of the flowering lady’s at 28 days after flip…

the first 2 pics are of the Mainline’s and are budding nicely all 3 girls will get the drill when ready to harvest…the one plant I did that too had the hardest buds…

Next set is the young lady’s at 28 days from sprouting

As you can see they are going through training and pics were right after some heavy pruning on the clones…