Old man....newbie grower

3 days lacking 1 month old Purple Haze under T5 LED blue and white veg. grow bulbs.
18/6 light schedule with a temp. of 80 during light and 65 when off, with 65% humidity.
Super Silver Haze same as Blue Haze in other photo as far as age and other numbers.
Tried my hand at Fiming with the Super Silver to help slow growth because of a fast growing plant, but was not successful? So any help would be appreciated as I have a limited space.


1st they look good nice and healthy. 2 how much height you working with?

There are alot of things that can be done to keep them short I let them grow and tie them down to the height I need or lst training or supercrop. Just remember that your plants are going to double in size when they stretch. If you decrease your time gradually like go from 18/6 to a couple weeks of 14/10 then after a cpl weeks of that then go to 12/12 that will help minimize stretching

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Working with 5 ft total height…minus 16-18 planter height and then the light about 6 in, so around 3 or a little more.
I am also starting to bend plant over and taping to side of planter.

You are doing right by tieing down do you top or fim?

Tried Fiming but didn’t take still just branching into 2 tops. Would like to make it work for mire main Colas down the road.
Any suggestions on doing it correctly?

If you are only getting 2 tops then you are making your cut to far down you just need to leave about a 8th inch more. You want to leave just a little bit of leaf start when you pinch or cUT it off. You can tell if you did it right cause your leaves will look messed up but it’s normal.


Once they recover and your topping gets a couple fresh nodes you can try fiming again I always do multiple times and I will do it to all my lower branches too. I go for bushes with multiple tops I will tag you to my journal if you scroll up about 15 posts you can see some pics of mine

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Thanks for the information and I will give it a try


Your girls look very good. Happy Growing!

Update for Old Man…Newbie grower
I just tried again at Fiming after suggestions from @Sirsmokes I left about 1/8 in of leaf this time also used scissors this time to be more exact…
Also did my first flush and my runoff was 6.5 ph also I am doing the feed water water feed and it’s taking around 5 to 6 days between watering.
Will have pics. with next update. Once again Thanks again for all the suggestions and help!!!
P.S. I am using MG as food don’t have funds for all the great fancy stuff that’s available, always been good to me…

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You test the water that runs out while watering… you want to check ppm and ph values and then you can fix the problems your having… :wink:


Hey Peachfuzz,

Thanks for your reply. Ppm of what?


Parts per million… how many things that are in your soil… that’s how we determine how much to feed your plants… based on ppm and how old they are and how long they have been in that pot without new soil… :wink:

You want to flush plants with water that has a ph of 6 until the water that comes out says 6… then once that happens you want to know how many nutrients are still left in the soil … that’s your ppm… if it’s still around 600 to 1200 , you should be fine … any lower then that then you might want to add more nutrients… :wink:

Your ph is what allows your plant to take up nutrients… 5.8 to 6.7 any where in between that range should be ok… but you really want to be close to your target ph depending on what stage of growth your in… veg would be in the range of 6 to 6.5… flower would be 5.5 to 6… :wink:


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